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The solution for the Tasmanian political deadlock

With the “traditional” negotiation between political parties in Tasmania has failed to reach any workable solution, the Tasmanian politicians need to examine “non-traditional” way to solve this dilemma.

Before we go deep in the “non-traditional” solution, let us examine the political situation there. The Tasmanian new parliament is composed of 25 seats: 10 Labor, 10 Liberals and 5 Greens. The traditional solution for such situation is to form a minority government by either of big parties enters a deal with the minor party (the Greens).

But with the stiff refusal of the Liberals to negotiate with the Greens for “principled reasons” (despite the Greens repeated tries to beg meeting with the Liberals to negotiate forming a coalition government with the Greens), the only other option was for the Labor to enter an agreement with the Greens. But with the Greens refusal to accept one ministerial post and the refusal of the Labor to offer the Greens more posts, the impasse had one “Greens” sol…

Liberals – Greens proposed Coalition: Voters need to be both alert and alarmed!

Bravo, bravo, bravo and million bravos.

It is confirmed by the Tasmanian Greens leader and the Australian Greens leader: the Greens is seeking coalition government with the Liberals.

In politics, we understand that forces entering coalition arrangement would have policies, vision and ideologies in common. In this instance let us ask the Greens leaders how close they are with the Liberals on:
1- Pessimism on acknowledging the global warming issues.
2- The eager to clear the Tasmanian forests, and every forest in Australia.
3- Selling public assets to multi-national corporations regardless of the devastating impacts on Australians lifestyle.
4- Locking up children, women and men for indefinite times in detention centres.
5- Destroying public education, public health and public housing.
6- Invading other countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran and Syria.
7- Promoting Islamophobia and racism in the society and introducing draconian “Anti-Terrorism” laws.
8- Alliance…