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John Howard had done it again.

It seems that John Howard had done it again.

Yesterday, his approval rate was the lowest since the Tampa, and the problems with corruption claims of wasting millions of dollars deceiving Australians about his Industrial Relation Vandalism (he calls them “reforms”).

His notorious minister, Philip Ruddock, was facing a hard time trying to sell Australians the needs to rush through the Anti-Terrorism laws, when there is no immediate need for them.

So today we woke up at about 3 am to the noise of the “Apache” to learn later on in the morning about the cowboy-like raids on homes of “suspected terrorists” in the poor suburban Muslim Ghettoes.

Peter Costello, whose eyes are still on the job of PM, declared that the new amendments last week to “strengthen” Anti-Terrorism Laws were crucial in such raids to “foil major terrorist attacks on Australian soil”. We learnt later that the suspects will be tried under the normal criminal code, and there was no need for the new amendments!

Do we need great …

Submission to the People's Inquiry into Migration Act – November 2005 - was originally submitted to the senate committee about the same issue.

1- Processing and assessment of visa applications

By comparing statistics and numbers we can reach very clear conclusions that the processing of applications (for many categories of visas not only for protection ones) is not according to consistent regulations and procedures. The government treats many holders of certain visa categories as criminals, liars and law-cheaters as a general principle. This is why the rejection of the applications by people seeking protection and spouse visas was very high at the departmental level, yet the acceptance of the same cases by the RRT or MRT was very high.

The regulations and directions seem to have been that the applicants for these categories are liars and need to be rejected without reason, ie the applicants were not innocents until proven guilty but the way around.

The issue here is why these inconsistencies were not investigated to determine why there was a high rejection rate for genuine refugees at the departmental level then the opposite at…

The Australians needed to be alert and alarmed - was published on Sydney Indymedia on 15 June 05

The detention of Australian resident Cornelia Rau, deportation of the other Australian Vivian Alvarez and unjustified detention of more than 200 Australian citizens or permanent residents have made me definitely both alert and alarmed.

I am now taking all precautions not to go out alone, I inform somebody of my whereabouts, and keep two mobile phones with me. I now carry at all times my driving licence, Medicare card, bank card, and my Australian passport... I am armed to the teeth with documents to prove that I am not “illegal”. I have also started to be very disciplined and take my place in the queue everywhere I am going to. I am even considering now getting married (or at least have a permanent girlfriend) just in order to not be alone at any time. After all, being in the wrong place at the wrong time could end up with me in the hands of DIMIA officials; then it will be difficult to locate me again for years!!

It seemed, just few years ago, that holding Australian citizenship wo…