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Repeated terrorist attacks in Australia: I was right on terrorism...!!!

We, as citizens, have all rights to ask our authorities: why?

Why do we have this high radicalisation level? And why you cannot control it and cannot start successful de-radicalisation steps?

Before Khaled Sharrouf managed to leave Australia and reach Syria with no valid passport.

Before AFP admitted that they cooked the conspiracy with “community leaders” and foreign powers to ban me from entering Lebanon.

Before my local MP Jason Clare refused to meet me and other community members/victims of radicals’ attacks.

Before PM invited extremists to annual Iftar, while excluding anti-extremist campaigners from invitation.

Before authorities granted millions of dollars to extreme organisations to manage anti-extremism programs.

Before all this, I was trying to give our authorities the “benefit of doubt” for lacking any sense on these actions.

But the reality of things is very concerning. For me the real causes of radicalisation is very clear now.

When I was warning about growing extre…

The terrorist’s crimes our media did not expose: the magic of Syrian “revolution”..!!

Syrian “revolution” is an amazing phenomena. I can claim easily that what is before Syrian “revolution” is totally different than what is after it.

Before the Syrian “revolution”, Australian politicians were united against the word “revolution”. They were united against Egyptian revolution 1952, Palestinians revolution, Lebanese resistance, Iranian revolution, Chi Guevara anti-imperialist revolution, Nicaraguan revolution, Cuban revolution....

When Syrian “revolution” started, all our politicians quickly fell in love with this “revolution”. Not only this. Politicians volunteered to fundraise for this “revolution”. They risked their jobs by running election campaigns in support of it.

Many members of parliament refused to meet with constituents, victims of supporters of this “revolution”. Member of Blaxland and Watson, for example, refused to meet with Ali Ibrahim (shot in his legs by “revolution” supporters), Michael Naji (whose shop was burned), Ali Al Isawi (physically and verball…

To Syria with Love- Gifts for Victims of Terrorism

The 3rd International Tour of Peace is expected to arrive to Damascus mid September 2016. This will be the largest and hopefully most successful peace tour.

To show solidarity with Syrians, we organised participants to visit Syrian victims of terrorism. The visits will include visiting injured military officers. They will include visiting civilians /survivals of terrorist attacks.

To show respect, solidarity and support, we want to give the public the opportunity of sending “gifts” to Syrians, especially victims of terrorism. These gifts could include: greeting cards, warm clothes (jackets, shoes, boots, pants, socks...), money....

We can receive your donated gifts initially in Australia, Norway and NZ. We are talking to other participants in other countries if they want to be involved.

All items should be brand new. No personalised items to specific people. Gifts will be distributed randomly in presence of Syrian officials and media. Details with photos will be published on our we…

2016 Federal election results: how our campaign impacted the voting!!

Our participation in this federal election was felt at all levels. We achieved this by spending only $500 budget which we used mainly for limited Facebook promotions. I will discuss in a separate article how we were able to be so effective with a small budget whilst enduring very high hostilities from all political parties.

With our campaign slogan “Vote For None”, we asked residents not to vote for any party.

Our campaign, based mainly in NSW, was through our social media pages and accounts. We achieved the following results:

NSW recorded the highest informal vote nationally. Further, the informal votes in NSW were double than all the other states and territories, for the exception of NT. All states recorded between 2.5% - 3.2%, except NSW which recorded more than 6%.
We focused our campaign in South-Western seats where Labor had allied with Wahhabi extremists in a bid to win Muslim votes. In these seats, the informal votes were double or triple than other seats in the state. The ave…

My letter to Jason Clare on the election eve

Dear Jason Clare, MP for Blaxland

I recently received a lot of letters from your office. Some of these letters are electoral promotion materials.

I find it utterly disgraceful that you are asking me and local residents to support and elect you on the bases of your relations with extremists. You have quoted in one promotional leaflet that you enjoy the support of known extremists: Samier Danden(of the extremist organisaiton Lebanese Muslim Association), Ashraf Rifi (the Godfather of terrorists in Lebanon), Muslim Women Association and other extreme individuals and organisations.

What a farce and how arrogant of you sending me 6 letters in two weeks period during election campaign when in the past you never bothered replying to my letters and phone calls seeking help.

Many families including mine needed your help during a period of terror and intimidation campaign perpetrated by extremists. Some of these families lost everything and endured extortions, intimidations, Molotov bombs, ve…