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Open letter to the Greens: Actions are louder than inquiries!!!

I was jumping up and down from this morning until now. I did not feel tired or that I need any rest. My joy is limitless.

At the end, the Greens pushed the government to accept an inquiry about the mandatory detention system. At last we will know the problems of the system and we will have time to explore alternatives.

My God.

As if the wide spread riots since 1999 until now (including burning of Charismas Island detention centre and Villawood DC) is not clear indications.
As if 5 deaths – suicides in the last 8 months is not clear evidence of the brutality of this system.
As if tones of reports from different human rights organisations are not enough to expose the systematic problems in the system.
As if the Greens does not have the balance of power in the cabinet to enforce the government to retreat from the current inhumane practices.

And The Greens still have the courage to claim victory.

As if we do not know that the results of previous inquiries and committees ended in the govern…