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Marrickville council motion on boycotting Israel: Greens real agendas behind it

Again and again. We were hit with Greens cheap moves designed for political score pointing with no practical commitments or record of achievements.

The Greens has successfully put motion to the Marrickville council to “support the principles of the BDS global campaign”. And as expected, the move attracted huge media attention. And the community took notice too.

Before we go further into the issue, let us ask few questions:
1- Why now: 3 months before state election?
2- Why Marrickville: we know that the Greens are hoping to win Marrickville state seat?
3- What are the practical implications of this motion?
4- Why the Greens councillors, despite the total support from ALL Labor councillors, are attacking the Labor state and federal members of the area?

And before we go further into exploring the issue, let us hear the opinion of the motion initiator, Greens councillor Cathy Peters. In early interview with 2SER radio station (you can hear the interview on…

Victorian Election results: The winners and the losers!

We can claim safely and comfortably that the Victorian election came with unexpected results that have significant importance. The Victorian election, while saw the Labor lose heavily and unexpectedly, could benefit progressive forces and voters if results analysed carefully and courageous steps taken promptly to avoid future similar results.

The immediate impact of possible repeat of Victorian results in other elections, if serious steps not taken, could see similar scenarios happened in NSW March next year.

In this election there were some big winners and some big losers.

In our opinion, the biggest winner of the election was the Liberal party, as:
1- The Liberals won unwinnable election according to all opinion polls and strategists’ predictions.
2- The Liberals did not only win the votes, but won morally too. It is the first time since the rise of the Greens that Liberals took principled stance to put the Greens last on its preference voting. The Liberals gambled with its chances of…

The Greens effectiveness on gay marriage and euthanasia: why not on boat people!

While the Iraqi asylum seeker, Ahmad Al Akabi, was swimming in his blood inside Villawood detention centre after giving up on humanity of department’s officials and the total lack of courage inside the federal parliament to end his and his fellow detainees ordeal.

And while Ahmad’s fellow detainees were protesting inside Villawood detention and in other detention centres around the country over the gross negligence that led to his death, by declaring hunger strike or burning some furniture.

And while we were busy trying to mobilise public opinion, inside Australia and around the globe against the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers inside Australian detention centres that led to death of 2 detainees in the last 2 months only.

While we were all busy in doing all this, the Greens MPs were busy fighting for gay marriage.

As if the Greens MPs are living in another country or on other planet.

During these extremely sad moments, The Greens MPs were jumping up and down inside and outside the …

Why was the Greens leader, Bob Brown, happy yesterday?!!!

The Greens leader was very happy yesterday. He was jumping up and down the whole day. And he was smiling in front of the media cameras. So why he was so happy?

He was very happy that Burmese opposition leader, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi was released from home arrest.

We also are happy for this result. And we do not agree on any political arrest.

But immediately after Greens leader sudden happiness, it came to our mind few questions.

Why the Greens leader was not vending support for more than 45 Palestinian MPs arrested by Israeli occupation forces for the last 4 years? Why the Greens leader, and all his Greens colleagues, did not jump up and down from happiness when the Palestinian parliament speaker, Mr Aziz Duweik, was released from Israeli prison last year? Why the Greens leader do not care about arbitrary arrest of more than 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners, most of them in jail (not home arrest) without charges.

Mr Brown happiness did not stop on just jumping up and down. He also vow…

Open letter to Julia Gillard, PM: Time to wake up before you lose next election!

Dear Hon Julia Gillard, our PM
We have watched you for the past few months. And we were disappointed by your government’s performance. We are not few. At the last election, millions of us have expressed such disappointment at your government’s performance.

In this letter, we would like to express to you why we are disappointed and will try to give you some ideas about what we expect from your government.

We have noticed that many in your party are talking now, rightly, how to stop the rise of the Greens vote. Your government’s inaction on many vital issues has left many voters with no option but to vote for the Greens. Such move that is not based on any concrete achievements of the Greens. They just believed that they do not have any other options. But in doing assessments of the reasons behind the mass voters’ change of voting pattern, your party’s strategists and MPs are reaching wrong conclusions

Let me tell you with high confidence that the voters, especially in the high multicultura…

The Greens unique attitude: “We can dig dirt on rivals but rivals cannot do the same”!

I decided to write this piece after I had enough of the Greens unacceptable hostility against anyone who dares to criticise them. And anyone dares to do so will open himself for all kinds of abuses, attacks (both verbal and physical) under many headings, especially being Labor member or paid by Labor to do so.

From my own experience, I should mention here that during the last decade I managed to criticise many politicians by writing letters, opinion pieces (in English and Arabic), petitions, and letters to editors and many other forms. These criticisms were directed to many politicians from wide range of political parties. None of these politicians faced our campaigns of criticism by such hostility like the Greens politicians, members and supporters did.

We campaigned, for example, very hard against previous PM Howard and his ministers. We even tried several times to block their way to functions, meet them with high hostility and accusing them with all kind of accusations (most were r…

ماذا حصل لاستراليا الجميلة: تعليقا علی قانون اعتقال الاطفال

هل فوجئنا باللغة المائعة التي صيغت بها لغة قانون اخراج الاطفال من معتقلات العار الاسترالية؟ وهل كنا نتوقع كثيرا من حزب الخضر الذي لا يملك أي رصيد من نتائج متحققةسابقا؟

دعونا في البداية ان نذكر مآخذنا علی مشروع القانون المقدم الی مجلس الشيوخ بالامس فالمشروع يدعو الی اطلاق الاطفال والقاصرين من معسكرات الاعتقال في مدة لا تزيد عن ١٢ يوما. وينص ايضا علی ان يتم تحديد ان كان يجب ان يتم اطلاق الوالدين خلال ٣٠ يوما.

ولكن مشروع القانون لا يحدد معنی "الاعتقال". كما ان القانون لا يتحدث عن نوع التاشيرة التي يجب ان يحصل عليها القاصر واهله او يضع مددا زمنية للبت في طلباتهم.

كما يجب ان نذكر ان اكبر ماخذ لنا علی القانون هو ان حزب الخضر تراجع كليا عن شعاراته المطالبة بالغاء نظام الاحتجاز الاجباري كليا (للاطفال والكبار). هذه الشعارات التي دابنا علی سماعها كلما دق كوز الانتخابات في جرة السياسة الاسترالية.

وهنا يجب ان نذكر ان حزب الخضر يعتبر حالة فريدة في السياسة الاسترالية و مثالا حيا للانتهازية السياسية بادنی مستوياتها. فكل الاحزاب الاسترالية (حتی الرجعية منها) لها سياسات واضحة لا تحيد عنها تعت…

Afghanistan war debate in the parliament: the rhetoric vs real commitments

At last, we had parliamentary debate over the Australian participation in war on Afghanistan. Two days of intense debate. Then it was ended with no result, so far. In Arabic we say: The mountain got into labour, but gave birth to a mouse.

We had the opportunity to hear all empty rhetoric of all sides: The Labor and Liberals competing to show support for Americans. The Greens empty rhetoric on necessity to leave Afghanistan after causalities increased. Independents argue that we will not win the war.

Then the show finished. All parties went to their air-conditioned offices happy that they scored political points.

But the Australian participation in the war is still reality. The Afghani people are still under brutal occupation. And Australian soldiers are still killing innocent Afghanis and become sometimes casualties.

Well done Andrew Willkie and the Greens. They could change the atmosphere inside the parliament and get some debate on issues with different “flavour”.

I envy these polit…

مقال كتب عام ٢٠٠٨ واعيد نشره لتشابه الامس باليوم

ما اشبه اليوم بالبارحة!
جمال داود – سدني

"من كان يعبد محمدا، فان محمدا قد مات. ومن كان يعبد الله، فالله حي لا يموت" ابو بكر الصديق (رضي الله عنه)

ذكرت هذا القول بعد ان شاهدت التهويل والمبالغة (الى حد القرف الاخلاقي) في استذكار الفقيد رفيق الحريري، وخصوصا في هذه الايام. فقبره اصبح محجا اهم من قبر الرسول (صلعم). وزوار هذا القبر يمتدحون الفقيد وكانه قديس او نبي.

وكلمات اهل الفقيد ومحبيه (الذين اكتشفوا محبته بعد اغتياله فقط) تثير الغثيان الى حد القيئ.

وما اشبه اليوم بالبارحة. وكأننا لم نتعلم من دروس التاريخ القاسية اي شيئ

فمعاوية واصدقاءه من التجار والمتاجرين يعودون اليوم ليلوحوا بقميص عثمان الملطخ بالدماء، ليبرروا عشقهم للسلطة والمال واستعدادهم للمتاجرة بكل شيئ في سبيلهما

تجار بني امية يعودون مجددا للمطالبة بتسليم قتلة عثمان، والا فالى صفين والجمل

تجار السلطة مشغولون بحياكة المؤامرات، متلطين بقميص عثمان، ملوحين به كلما سائلهم احد عن جرائمهم في الجامعة العربية وعين علق وقبلها في كفار متى وصبرا وشاتيلا والمتحف

وكأن دم عثمان اغلى من دماء الالاف الذين سيسقطون مجددا في الجمل و صفين …

عندما يصبح يوم القدس العالمي مناسبة للاكل: اعدوا لهم ما استطعتم من حمص وفتوش

لا بد ان اسرائيل ومن وراءها من قوی الظلم والاستكبار قد اصبحت ترتجف الآن بعد الرسالة القوية التي ارسلتها "قيادات" الجالية العربية من سدني وفي اليوم العالمي للقدس. ولا بد ان اسرائيل وادواتها اصبحوا يحسبون الف حساب لجالية في استراليا تقوم قيادتها "الوطنية" بارسال هكذا رسالة قوية للقاصي والداني تضع النقاط علی الحروف. ولا بد ان اسرائيل وحلفائها في واشنطن ولندن وباريس وبرلين وكانبيرا وروما وووو يدرسون الآن كيفية الرد علی الضربة القاصمة التي وجهتها لها "قيادة" الجالية "الوطنية" في سيدني.

و"يا هم لالي" (عذرا من ابي عواد

فلا بد ان حكومة اسرائيل "عملتها في لباسها" بمجرد سماعها ان صحون الفتوش والسلطة كانت تتطاير في سماء سيدني "احتفالا بيوم القدس العالمي"، بينما كانت الجرافات الاسرائيلية تمعن في هدم بيوت القدس. ولا بد ان جيش الدفاع الاسرائيلي قد اخذ مواقع دفاعية متقدمة علی الجبهة، بعد ان وصلته اخبار "احتفالات قيادات الجالية الوطنية" في سيدني وتهديد اركان هذه القيادات بالويل والثبور لكل معتد اثيم.

ولا بد ان "اللي ا…

The reasons behind Australian absence from Gaza free campaigns:Please donate to send strong contingent to Gaza

It is very strange that Australia is absent from international efforts to lift Gaza blockade for the last 4 years. Despite the many big mouths among politicians who remember just before elections that Gaza is under siege (especially in the Greens party), their representation in international efforts is nearly nil. All this despite the big resources they have in form of tax-payers money they get because of the increasing Muslims and pro-Palestinians voting for them.

On the other hand, the efforts by Muslim community and its “leadership” was not more than collecting some money and send them to other organisations who has presence in Gaza. Even the one Muslim organisation that has office and workers in Gaza, they are very “shy” to participate in international efforts to lift the siege.

In this instance we should differentiate between aid efforts and efforts to break the siege.

The first is not more than shy efforts to temporarily relieve the suffering of some Gazans by colleting aid and …

2010 Election: boring campaign with no real choices!

I never saw such boring election campaign for the last decade. Even the candidates are not putting the posters with their pictures in streets or on shop fronts. As if they are ashamed from themselves. And they should be, anyway.

There are few common features between the mainstream political parties:
1- There is no political party that runs on concrete achievements in parliament. All parties are making big promises, as if they are not in parliament for decades.
2- There are no actions, stunts or big announcements. There are only boring media conferences and releases.
3- The Multiculturalism and all related issues are not mentioned by any party, regardless of its own classification of its degree of progressiveness. As if racism and Islamophobia has not reached high degree to the point that a candidate had questioned the right of fellow citizen to run as candidate only because he is a Muslim.
4- The high degree of lying and deception coming from leaders of all three mainstream media-made p…

The Greens and the “Balance of Power”: when will Greens endless lies end?!

The media love it: the Greens will win the balance of power by the end of this election.

No detailed analysis. No detailed information. And no tracking of origin of this cheap unfounded rumor.

Let me do now some detailed analysis on this issue. By the end of this analysis, I will claim safely that without extraordinary luck, the Greens will not increase their current representation, if they will not lose one.

The origin of this cheap rumor is the same old “guy”: Sen. Bob Brown.

I heard this cheap unfounded rumor back in 2001, just before the election. At press club address then, he claimed that the Greens will win 5 senate seats. He was lying. And he was enjoying making this lie. And we were enjoying believing this lie. At that time, the Greens was getting in the opinion poll less than 5%. The quota for the senate seat is 14.5%. At that time, no indication that the Greens will win any senate seat, except in Tasmania. But he made the biggest lie. Ms Kerry Nettle was elected on 4.5% of pri…

Our reply to Greens Islamophobic remarks attacking Mulsim community

We cannot believe that amid election campaign, any political party active member (and candidate for several times) can come up with the crap included in Marlene reply. I deeply believe that it is not her words, but were dictated to her by the Greens hierarchy.

In the reply, the most disgusting parts are the parts that refer to the Muslim community as the root of all problems of this nation. She described the Muslim community as naïve, uneducated, regressive and need to be taught how to live in this country.

Any reply to Marlene disgusting words would need several separate articles (and we will do), but here we would mention only few facts to “educate” Marlene and her “progressive” Greens party about the issues mentioned in her reply:

1- The Muslim community is very diverse community. Any generalisation is something not only naïve, but regressive and show islamophobic ideas and suggestions.

2- The Muslim community is one of the most progressive communities in this country. We need to menti…

The Greens started the campaing by attacks on Muslim community by spreading Islamophobic claims and accusations

The Greens has started their election campaing by viscious attack on Mulsim community. Here what Greens "many times" candidate and active member needed to say about how the Muslim community is "naive, uneducated and regressive". Full detail of our reply to her islamophobic accusations and remarks will follow.

Here is her words:
"States Greens & National Greens are always having debates on policies. Debates also depend on the make up of the Greens, the more the conservative members, who are more incline to champion the "environment & global warming" debate, the more reformist and conservative the party becomes.environment & global warming" debate, the more reformist and conservative the party becomes.

* In regards to preferences. Local Greens have a say on who to direct their preferences to, they can also leave the decision to the central office. However, not all the time the direct preferences. In the end is up to the Voter to make the…

Burqa debate: Muslims should be alert and alarmed

While we were not bothered when Fred Nile proposed his private member bill about banning burqa, but things have changed dramatically now.

Now the debate became bigger, louder and uglier. And all failed politicians had agreed to debate the “issue”.

But we should ask vital questions here: would wearing burqa qualify to be considered an “issue”. Not only this.

An ordinary NSW resident should ask whether the NSW politicians are living in the same state as we do. Or perhaps they are so ignorant that they do not feel that the state is living in very depressing time.

I, as NSW resident and not as Muslim, would ask our politicians (including Fred Nile) few questions:
1- Do you think wearing burqa is the reason why we have critical shortage of electricity and banning it would stop the repeated blackouts of many suburbs?
2- Do you believe that burqa was behind the rental crisis and would banning it make accommodation more affordable?
3- Do you think that banning burqa would eliminate social proble…

Bob Brown’s press club address: what about Multiculturalism?

It was not the first time I listen to the Greens leader, Sen. Bob Brown. And I am used to his empty rhetoric. I am used to his deceptive claims. And I will mention in details examples of many of these deceptive claims and lies. But today was different.

I thought that he, and his party, became more mature and inclusive. But they did not disappoint us. The Greens is still the same old Greens: one - issue and one - colored party. For I hour address, Sen. Brown failed to mention Multiculturalism even once. Not only this. The audience was very white, with no single non Anglo-Saxon present at the address.

And when Sen. Brown started to name his party achievements, these were all about: same sex marriage, euthanasia and forests clearing. Nothing about growing attack on Multiculturalism and growing racism in the society. And nothing about the very low representation of marginalized groups of migrants, non-English speaking, indigenous people and people with disabilities. Also there was nothin…

The story of Greens MP Lee Rhiannon: lies, deceptions and conspiracies against all rivals

While the story of the Greens politics in general is mixture of lies, back flips, ideological emptiness and opposition for the sake of getting more votes only. But the story of Lee Rhiannon is the worst case in that camp.

Ms Rhiannon had given very bad example about political career empty of any real achievements or any principled stances. It was all about power accumulating, with no agenda of socio-economic changes.

Ms Rhiannon started her political career as Stalinist. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union and loss of platform, she chose to join the Greens. Inside the Greens and after losing the ideological grounds, she decided to change her skin and run for animal rights. She started to camp outside slaughterhouses and butcheries against killing animals or keeping animals in cages. Nobody knows how for someone who was member of Stalinist group and did not bother about Stalin butchering millions of Russians and Soviets, would accept this dramatic change. That was the first back …

Australian political parties: where is our voice!

I would like today to shout very loud: enough is enough.
I would like to whisper in the ears of our politicians: no one of you is representing me.
And no one of you represents my fellow new migrants from non-English speaking countries. And no one of you represents our indigenous people.
And no one of you is representing our citizens with disabilities, with physical ones at least.

And shame on you and your parties.
You should be ashamed of yourselves very deeply, especially the ones amongst you who arrogantly claim to be “progressive”.

For us, progressive means to allow us to voice our concerns, our opinions on problems WE face and come up with solutions we think they suit us.

But instead, you have appointed yourselves as guardians on us.
We know that guardians usually appointed when person do not has capabilities to make sound judgment. And usually person cannot make sound judgment for one of the following reasons:
1- Person is not mature enough.
2- Person suffers from symptom not allowi…

How to get The Greens’ attention to Gaza blockade?

Do you want to get the Greens to act promptly and demand the immediate lift of Gaza blockade?

Then we need to convince the Greens that:
1- The majority of Gaza residents are homosexuals and Israel is imposing the blockade because they (Israelis) are homophobes.
2- The drug addicts in Gaza cannot get their needs of drug freely and easily because of the blockade.
3- There is critical shortage of needles needed for drug addicts to have safe shots of drug.
4- There is shortage of prostitutes in Gaza, where Israel and Egypt is not allowing free travel of prostitutes in and out of the strip.
5- There is critical shortage of contraceptives and drugs to induce abortions.
6- The blockade is allowing Israel to hunt whales freely in Gaza waters without permission from Palestinians.
7- The blockade is preventing importing sustainable energy technologies to the strip.
8- Most of Gaza residents are blonde green-eyed English-speaking Anglo-Saxons.
9- Hamas government is in fact part of the Greens movement an…