Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Greens prepare comprehensive plan to end marginalisation in society

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10 February 2011

In the face of the spreading popular revolutions in many different parts of the world seeking social justice and end of poverty and marginalisation, we understand that a comprehensive plan to end marginalisation in Australia once and for ever is prepared by the Australian Greens. The plan was leaked today to our newspaper and to other Australian media outlets. The plan consists of many aggressive steps suggested by the Greens party. The Greens party is even threatening of withdrawing from government and let it collapse if Labor would refuse to accept these “highly progressive” steps.

Bob Brown, the Greens leader, told us that the plan will see the end of marginalisation as we know it for the last centuries.

“The plan starts with proposed bill not only to legalise the drugs, but putting all kind of illicit drugs on PBS. By doing this, marginalised groups will have access to very cheap drugs that would keep them unconscious and so they would lose all feelings of being marginalised” said Bob Brown in his comments to our newspaper.

We know that addicted marginalised people will not have time to be engaged in employment to pay for the high rent, high power bills, high traffic fines and high life expenses. To address this, we understand that the Greens are proposing another bill. The bill will be introduced to legalise prostitution everywhere in the society. Any very poor marginalised person can start selling their bodies in their own residential areas, at schools and universities, in streets and even in parks and shopping centres.

By doing this, marginalised groups can forget about their marginalisation in very quick and easy way. All marginalised groups will be busy either sniffing drugs or selling their bodies to collect enough money to pay for increased cost of living. So there will be no time to feel of marginalisation.

In the face of expected high rate of unwanted pregnancies, the Greens plan is proposing to both promote abortion and educate the population about the benefits of abortion to society.

After effectively reaching a society of mainly drug addicts and prostitutes, the only unresolved issue in the society will be the gay marriage.

“In a society with no trace of any feeling of being marginalised and money is flowing at high rate by selling own bodies, the only issue to be addressed would be the issue of same sex marriage. For this, we are proposing bill to legalise same-sex marriage to end the final straw of marginalisation in the society”

When asked about the problems that would be resulted by such high controversial bills, Mr Brown expressed his believe that none of addicts or prostitutes will be conscious enough to realise that there are problems resulted.

The government also would have enough revenues from flourishing drugs-producing companies and brothels to fund rehabilitation centres and medical institutions.

“You should take into account that we will also close all jails and correction centres and save their budgets. Such money would be enough to fund treating institutions, in combination with tax revenues” stressed Greens leader.

The Greens leader and colleagues will launch this important plan in one of the inner city brothels. The launch will include free illicit drugs for each attendee, as according to invitation sent to one prostitute. The Greens members will also distribute kits titled “Simple steps to fight marginalisation by drugs and sex”.

It is unknown if the Greens leader and his colleagues are living in the same country on the same planet we are living in.

We welcome any comments to pass it to the Greens leader to give him real situation of deteriorating racism, Islamophobia and many kinds of discrimination in the society. This would help the Greens come back to earth.

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