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My conspiracy theory: Wikileaks as Al Jazeera-style CIA project!!!

After the rise of Wikileaks star few years ago, I was asked to give opinion on the work of this organisation. Instead of giving a quick comment on Facebook or Twitter, I wrote detailed article published on Al Nahar and Al Iraqiah newspapers in Australia. The article published on 15 December 2010.

I expected in that article, that the Wikileaks organisation most likely was established for hidden agendas. My expectations for the hidden agendas were specified in that article to be either: to prepare the US citizens for the US withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. The other possible hidden agenda I mentioned is: to prepare the grounds for wide conflicts, and maybe regional wars.

Surprisingly, in less than 3 months the blood started to flow as a result of the so called “Arab Spring”.

I was still not sure about Wikileaks. This is why I asked my friends (journalists and politicians around the Middle East) about their thoughts on this issue. Surprisingly, not many had definite answer.


Gadhafi of Australia

In the face of avalanche of criticism for lack of transparency, dictatorial practices and hidden agendas, the Wikileaks party issued rather laughable clarification. Today I saw the following on the Facebook page of the party : “Just a quickie to announce that there are now 3 ladies responsible for the Wikileaks Party social media.. Alice from the Melbourne Office, Mel from Melbourne and myself, Bree from Geelong have been asked by John Shipton to share the burden. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gail Malone for her wonderful work over the last 18 months and enjoy your time off!! John has also asked the 3 of us to write a little bit about ourselves so that will come over the next week”. (see Wikileaksparty on Facebook at 15 March).

Please stop laughing.

Yes, John can do everything. He is the CEO. He is also the party spokesperson who speaks to media, at events and rallies. He also is the accountant that keeps all invoices and financial matters. He is the tourist that travel…