Saturday, May 20, 2017


In response to a post deliberately distributed to members of the Syria defence movement which portrays me as involved knowingly and deliberately in bringing into Syria an Israeli spy, I would like to write a few words here about this.

Firstly the individual who has deliberately distributed this information, damaging for the State of Syria and my own reputation, has failed miserably and only assisted in exposing more valuable information needed to close in on all the collaborators.

From the outset, this tour was under the auspices of the Syrian Ministry of Information who encourage visitors to Syria and see in this a form of economic support for the country. Our organisation’s role in this all was to liaise with the contact person from the Ministry and in a timely manner supply them the passport and details of proposed tour members. I would do initial research but as a layperson I can only research so much as was available to me. Hence, all these documents are subsequently sent to the Syrian authorities for security and intelligence security and security clearances. This is clear on the project link on our website.

We are a small group, we do not have an intelligence service and no do we aim to be one. Therefore, we try our best to check out people who would like to participate in one of our trips by checking their Facebook and googling their name etc. The rest is up to the Syrian authorities and their security organisations. Basically, the Syrian security Services was unable to identify this person.

The person under discussion is a journalist with a British nationality and a real British passport. He had posts in his Facebook account showing he has relationships and travel with countries that don’t have a relationship with the Zionist entity, namely Syria, Iraq and other Arab and Islamic countries. Hence, if he had managed to escape detection from the intelligence services of these States then it would likely be very difficult for us to recognize his true identity.

The fact that the person made a request for entry to Syria and got away with it and possibly had some kind of inside help or knowledge does not mean that we had any sort of prior relationship with him. This issue stems from the Syrian government end.

A person is assessed by the work, obligations they carried out and their achievements. Everyone knows the extent of my commitment to anti-barbaric and anti-conspiracy issues on Syria and other related issues. My sacrifices in doing this work, including my standing up and exposing those involved in the growing problem of extremists in Australia, Syria, the world are there for all to see and it is common knowledge that I endure death threats, vandalism of my property and many other attacks. I take this on board as record of pride. This latest attack on me, here in Australia, is a crime under the Australian laws of defamation and the matter will be pursued and prosecuted.

A Syrian journalist within Syria, Modar Ibrahim, who himself has suspected connections with Zionists and other questionable people, many of whom are forbidden to enter Syria because of their relations with hostile western intelligence, got involved in this matter when he should not have done so and has interfered with the work of the Syrian security services. Modar broke the confidentiality of this sensitive matter, tagging his foreign friends, many of doubtful connections and broke the news. By doing this, he not only interfered in the ongoing investigations but he has hurt Syria’s reputation and the reputation of the State’s security apparatus. These actions of a Syrian journalist working for Syrian State Television, a person who claims to be working in the national interests, smells of an agenda to smear my good name and leaves one questioning his larger agenda. All this Syrian journalist had to do was hand over his information he had gained immediately to the Syrian security authorities instead of make a public fiasco that damages the State, its investigations as well as my reputation.

This Zionist journalist, on his real Facebook page, laughs about the ease by which he got a visa to Syria. Clearly this is proof of inadequate coordination amongst the various bodies who facilitate access to Syria and some sort of problem that needs to be investigated as the Syrian Security services are second to none in the world.

The entry of a Zionist journalist to Syria confirms our previous statements and reports submitted to the Syrian authorities about how many of the Zionists (Christians and others) have been able to enter Syria and penetrate into Syrian society, networking and building important relationships with a wide spectrum of Syrian society as well as their targets.

Clearly, we have a disturbing situation here of a wide array of suspicious individuals entering Syria, many from churches that have proven Zionist intentions and agenda. Regrettably, despite much documentation submitted to authorities about a particular Christian Zionist who has entered Syria now three times, money has been changing hands, in some cases very large sums. Hence, in the case of this Zionist Journalist it can be assumed that money changed hands somewhere along the way for him to evade detection.

There are Syrian security failures. We have been working behind the scene with the Syrian authorities for weeks to reveal all the circumstances of this shocking topic and to work to close the gaps. The Lies of Zionist groups and their cells will not deter us from the support of Syria, Palestine and other people who are the victims of the Zionist-American project.

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