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Hamas’ victory: the reasons and the implications!

What was described by an Israeli Government spokesperson as the political “earthquake” of the landslide win of Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary election was in fact widely expected by political experts. They are now expected to win around 60% of the votes, which means an absolute majority.

The reasons:

A 13 year failed peace process, which already entailed big and historic compromises from the Palestinian side, did not change anything of the daily misery of Palestinians under occupation.

After 13 years of this peace process, all territories remain under occupation. The only free one is the Gaza strip, which was freed unilaterally outside Oslo and the Road Map.

During the last 13 years of the process, consecutive Israeli governments were making excuses to not implement the agreed matters. Each agreement apparently needed subsequent agreement to start implementing it, which then needed a new agreement to approve it, until the government would collapse and the new government would say …