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My thoughts after Anti-terrorism raids in Australia today: I am not convinced!!!

The authorities (all of them including government, security agencies, politicians and media) want all of you to believe that we suddenly discovered that we have terrorists in our country.

These terrorists became terrorists overnight. They developed strong relations with ISIS commanders overnight. And they accepted to act on these commanders’ orders also overnight.

They want all of you to believe that there were no brainwashing campaigns for years. They want you to think that there were no community organisations working day and night in brainwashing, organising, recruiting and fundraising for extremists. They want to tell you that all sectarian violence, burning houses and businesses, shooting and stabbing rivals and extortion of businesses in suburbs were all our imaginations.

Until mid last year, the Police deputy commissioner was quoted saying to journalist about the attacks and threat on me and my friends to be “unsubstantiated” and “everything is ok”. And when I complained about…