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The terrorist’s crimes our media did not expose: the magic of Syrian “revolution”..!!

Syrian “revolution” is an amazing phenomena. I can claim easily that what is before Syrian “revolution” is totally different than what is after it.

Before the Syrian “revolution”, Australian politicians were united against the word “revolution”. They were united against Egyptian revolution 1952, Palestinians revolution, Lebanese resistance, Iranian revolution, Chi Guevara anti-imperialist revolution, Nicaraguan revolution, Cuban revolution....

When Syrian “revolution” started, all our politicians quickly fell in love with this “revolution”. Not only this. Politicians volunteered to fundraise for this “revolution”. They risked their jobs by running election campaigns in support of it.

Many members of parliament refused to meet with constituents, victims of supporters of this “revolution”. Member of Blaxland and Watson, for example, refused to meet with Ali Ibrahim (shot in his legs by “revolution” supporters), Michael Naji (whose shop was burned), Ali Al Isawi (physically and verball…