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Rising Islamophobia: who to blame...!!!

For the last 6 years and since the beginning of terrorist activities in Syria under the banner of “revolution”, I (and many community leaders and activists) were warning of the dire consequences for the current rhetoric on the issue. The major concern for us was that such rhetoric would lead to a deep division in the society and inevitable skyrocketing Islamophobia. We also warned that official support for radical elements in the society will increase the actual possibility of imminent terrorist activities in the country. This would help the radicals establish networks this way spreading their extreme philosophies.

Our warnings fell on deaf ears!

Now and after the revelation of Centrelink’s payments to ISIS terrorists, authorities need to take major steps.

Scandals such as this one and previous terrorist activities have greatly helped the increase of Islamophobia never experienced before in this country’s history.

We saw the results of this high level of Islamophobia in last month’s…

نتائج معركة حلب كما توقعتها قبل خمس اعوام: ستهزمون...!!!ِ

في شهر اكتوبر/تشرين اول 2011 التقيت وبالصدفة مع احد قياديي اخوان مسلمي سوريا في العاصمة الاردنية عمان. كنت قادما من طهران بعد المشاركة في مؤتمر للصحفيين المستقلين. القيادي الاخونجي كان زميلا قديما في مهنة الطب البيطري, حيث استقر في عمان بعد فشل مخطط الاخوان الارهابي في سبعينيات وثماننينات القرن الماضي. وبالصدفة كان زميلا لي في عيادة مجاورة لعيادتي في منطقة زيزيا خارج العاصمة عمان.

بعد اعادة التعارف (بعد اكثر من عقد ونصف من مغادرتي للاردن), احببت استطلاع رايه عما يحدث في بلده الام سوريا. كان واثقا في كلامه الواضح "هذه المرة سيسقط النظام وسنصل للسلطة, وخلال اشهر. لدينا كل المعطيات والتطمينات".

عاجلته بسؤال "يعني الامريكي اعطاكم الضمانات والوعود ام الاسرائيلي".

عاجلني بجواب صاعق لم اتوقعه "ليس مهما من اعطانا الوعود المهم تحقيق الهدف".

"حتى لو تحالفتم مع اسرائيل, كما صرح قيادييكم وعلى راسهم البيانوني"

اشتدت دهشتي لصراحته المطلقة "سنتحالف مع الشيطان لاسقاط النظام".

اعدت السؤال من شدة دهشتي "حتى مع اسرائيل".

"قلت لك حتى مع ال…

The Greens public infighting: my own observations

After watching the 7:30 Report, Lee Rhiannon has only herself to blame for the public attack by former leader Bob Brown on her including demanding her resignation.

I joined the Greens party 2000 and resigned 2006. Lee was the major reason why I resigned, as I became sure that the party has no vision and no agenda of socio-economic change as they claim by its charter and constitution. The party was talking about one issue: how to win more power. No discussion of how this power will be used to enforce 2 major parties to retreat and accept reforms that will achieve better equality in the society.

After joining the Greens party 2000, I quickly became friend of Lee.

Attending Greens events and meetings, there was one constant face I was seeing. And this person was always vocal on issues of social justice and equality. No matter the subject was, you cannot disagree with her. This was Lee Rhiannon, the MLC in NSW then.

She was very good organiser: she is everywhere, at all events, record…