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The strange case of the operative cell lead by Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp and a few Australians who can’t be named for legal reasons, is a very clear example of how Western empire emissaries work and conspire together with perfect coordination and timing.
This is further evidence of the enormity of this conspiracy to destroy Syria.

The aim is not only to destroy a country but to change the ideology of that country (including the mentality and beliefs of its citizens), from an anti-Israel state to an Israel friendly one

First we need to explain the telecommunication revolution that happened in the last few decades and its effect on how the empire adapted to continue its manipulation of public opinion. I will explain also the tools adopted by “the empire” to abort any move of mass dissent against it.

A few decades ago, the media was operated only at a national level. These media were allocated the role of brainwashing people and controlling national public opinion. Australian media was directed at Australians, American media directed to control American public discourse and so on.
Then we entered the era of satellite media. This type of media crossed all national borders and boundaries. The need arose to create a major satellite TV and radio stations with huge budgets and resources such as CNN, AL Jazeera and many others. These satellite stations controlled the public discourse on major issues around the world regardless of their national ownership.

And, when internet use became a global phenomenon, “the empire” reacted quickly by establishing major social media outlets and well-resourced websites to control public discussion about almost everything important regardless of whether it has national or international importance. So it created Facebook, Twitter and other major websites and social media tools.

To keep its absolute control on this emerging space, the Western intelligence agencies created special units to manage this development in such a way as to abort any move to break the monopoly on information and news exchange.

It is well documented now that the CIA, MI6, Mossad and other intelligence agencies created units within each of their services to “interfere” in public discussions on social media and the so-called “alternative media”. These units’ roles which are very broad, their tactics and reach beyond any imagination, had the mandate to stop, redirect and sabotage any efforts to spread the culture of resistance and dissent against “the empire”. The main role is to prevent the oppressed from getting organised, exchanging information and news and their efforts to destroy the current status quo of those nations that oppress them and steal their national resources.

How do these units work?

These “social media units” create thousands of fake accounts on the different social media outlets. If the unit/s want to promote a particular agent/s and help with their infiltration into a particular community or society, these fake accounts will start to share and promote the specially targeted literature identified with this operative. Within a short period, they will turn this operative into a star all the while hiding his/her real identity and agendas. The same fake accounts will attack anyone who questions the new status quo and legitimacy of the operative or their hidden agendas. They will fabricate and spread lies to undermine any dissenting voice that stands in the way of their mission.

These fake accounts created by these social-media intelligence infiltration units will also work on brainwashing and recruiting spies in enemy areas. CIA, MI6 and Mossad work very hard to recruit Russians, Iranians, Syrians, and Palestinians who live in these “enemy” countries.
We even recorded money being transferred through social media sites to newly recruited operatives in these countries under the blanket of “humanitarian aid” and “support for needy” people who are victims of occupation or civil wars.
And this is how it is with what we call the “Eva-Vanessa-Janice Operative Cell”. They represent a clear example of the new wave of “social media operatives”. We believe that this cell is the most dangerous cell operating now in the Middle East, taking into account the level of its work, budget spent and organisation of its sleeper cells.

Let us discuss why.

All these cell members had no presence on social media before 2014, except for Eva Bartlett who started her espionage activities as early as 2008. Let us remember that 2008 is two years after the failure of George W Bush’s “Great Middle East” plan, after the defeat of Israel in Lebanon 2006. So the US administration needed another “soft-tool” to work on the ground, infiltrating the “enemies”. We now understand that the US consecutive administrations never abandoned the plan to divide the Middle East in order to protect Israel. We also now know that the new episode of this plan was the current Arab-Spring project, which explains the heavy use of such cells as described above.
All cell members had either never heard of or thought of Syria before 2014. Suddenly many of them showed interest in Syria and its crisis. Eva even abandoned her “vital” work in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine and moved all activities to Syria. The first time she appeared on the Syrian scene was in 2014.

Let me remind you that the Syrian crisis started in March 2011. It was planned that within weeks the Syrian state would collapse, as happened in Egypt and Tunisia. There are many comments of Syrian “opposition” figures and their backers indicating their belief that this would happen quickly.

So the intervention of this operative cell in 2014 came after everyone realised that “Plan A” of “regime-change” is unachievable. Therefore the conspiring forces resorted to “Plan B”: that is to infiltrate the state to try to achieve what terrorists could not achieve through terrorism and instead by espionage and spreading Zionist and Western “values” of the need for democracy, the benefits of having peace with Israel and, normalisation with the US/NATO instead of keeping the traditional alliance with Russia. In addition to this was the vital role of these cell members in collecting information and news through recruiting local Syrian sleeping cells and spies.

The work of social-media units of Western intelligence agencies started in earnest from 2014. Eva Bartlett who had no more than a few hundred friends on Facebook and no presence on Twitter, suddenly began to have a huge following on both major social media outlets. You can check for yourself that any post by Eva prior to 2014 did not attract more than a handful of “likes” and no “shares”, in comparison to the hundreds received nowadays.

A similar story for Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp and the rest of the cell members.
Let me give you a clear example on how these social-media intelligence operative units of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad work. Any post by Eva (or any of her cell members) will be shared by the same numbers of Facebook accounts that, in addition to her posts, also share other posts by her cohorts. Observing over a long period, there are indications that, most likely, these fake accounts that act in a coordinated manner, hence accounts created by employees/spies of these units, have orders to immediately go and share and press “like” on any posts created by these cell members.

In addition to this practice, in the post below that I chose randomly, there were 55 Shares which means that the post is highly valuable. What’s significant is that that 55 people chose to share on their timeline this article but, surprisingly, there were only three comments. So one will like the post so much, to the point of endorsing it on your own Timeline, but not have a single word to say about it when endorsing it to others. Strange.

At some stage, the real agenda of this operative cell becomes very obvious. You need just to ask yourself simple questions in order to understand and realise what they are.

The most important question one needs to ask oneself is: how did Syria benefit from the work of these operatives who pose as Syria’s friends? This will give you a clear understanding on where they actually stand and what their real agenda is.
Syria needed its friends around the world in the first few months of the crisis. The state was isolated, tons of lies and fabrications were flying around and there were calls for military intervention from the first months of the crisis. So, Syria needed people to speak up during the first months of 2011, not 2014.

During 2011, real friends of Syria were working tirelessly collecting information and refuting lies of Western and major media outlets. We contacted all Australian media and protested against fabrications and lies that they were broadcasting on Syria. We organised rallies and protests. We collected information about local extremists who travelled to fight in Syria. And, we waged a successful campaign to expose the reality of what is really happening in Syria. By mid-2013, it was very clear that the “regime-change” plan was shattered. This was not because of our work, but because of the stiff resistance of the Syrian people, their army and state. But by then, we already had a major impact on getting the Western media to recognise the reality of what is happening in Syria and the global terrorist cells that support its “revolution”.
In contrast to this, we would like to know what did Eva and her operative cell achieve until now to help Syria, that is despite her and her cohort’s claim that they saved Syria from collapse?

The simple answer: nothing. They achieved nothing. The reality of what they achieved is contrary to their claims and, instead, we can see their efforts had a huge negative impact. And, here what they achieved:
They infiltrated Syrian society, recruited operatives and established new, also strengthened existing Christian Zionist cells/churches in Syria.

They exaggerated stories and also blatantly fabricated huge lies about what is happening in Syria, including attacking every genuine friend of Syria (especially in the Western democracies).

Dividing the movement caused many Syrians to lose any hope and left them feeling that they were alone in facing “the empire” and its terrorist army.

Despite their huge expenditure on their activities of spreading lies and recruiting spies and, this is well documented, including that of tens of thousands of dollars being smuggled into Syria to fund local spies by Vanessa Beeley, Janice Kortkamp, Mike Raddie and others, not a single dollar was given as aid. All were spent on recruiting sleeping cells, including sleeping cells inside the Syrian media.

Next, let us check who follows the members of this cohort of operatives on Facebook and Twitter so as to understand their real agendas. They are followed and supported, apart from the fake accounts, ONLY by strong supporters of the Syrian state. So addressing them is just a waste of time and effort and adds nothing to the debate. They are already on our side and they know more than the cell members know of the Syrian reality.

From 2014 (the date when the cell core migrated their espionage activities from occupied Palestinian lands into Syria), Syrian crisis was on its way to resolution. The Syrian state and its allies stopped terrorists from expanding, regained huge areas gradually and continued to operate as capable authorities.

In 2016, Vanessa Beeley visited Aleppo and declared that her work was vital in the liberation of that city. We do not know how. At that time, the Russian mighty state declared very clearly that they will continue helping the Syrian army to liberate Aleppo, despite the lies and fabrications put out there about this. Russia and China used the veto several times to stop a military intervention - not Vanessa and Eva. So what is the importance of Vanessa’s presence in the Jibrin refugee camp?

Vanessa and Eva are deliberately showing contempt for mainstream media. So, how would Western citizens understand what is really happening in Syria if these supposed Syria friendly journalists do not talk to the BBC, the Guardian and other mainstream media?

Vanessa and Eva have claimed that their Facebook pages (which could easily be operated by CIA and MI6) that attract not more than 1000 followers on each post, defeated the might of BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera and the Guardian.

Talking from an Australian perspective, I have statistics. The ABC audience that viewed the many reports we participated in producing about terrorists in Syria numbered an estimated two million and that was per program. You can compare this huge audience to the few hundred followers reading the repetitive rubbish of Vanessa and Eva.

Let me even make a comparison between RT and the Australian ABC. The Australian audience of RT do not exceed more than a couple of thousand viewers but, when the ABC airs the 7:30 Report, viewers exceed one million every day.

Not only this; RT’s audience are, or the overwhelming majority are, progressive people who are supporters of Russia and Syria. So telling this audience about your opinion in Syria does not add anything (other than to document the argument and use the link). In contrast, the audience of Australia’s ABC are the mainstream, the majority and, this is who we needed to reach at the beginning of the Syrian crisis in order to convince them that our authorities and media are not telling us the truth of what is happening in Syria.

In conclusion, the operative cell was given the responsibility to divide the effective pro-Syria movement. Their entry came very late in the crisis and added nothing to the debate. Their activities of smuggling thousands of dollars and spending generously on sleeper cells are indicative of their real agendas. Never in any past “anti-empire” campaigns has there been such a high level of organisation and unlimited budget. The operative cell’s sudden rise was based on no concrete achievements or work. All signs point in one direction: this is the work of social-media espionage units of CIA and MI6.

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