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The story of Greens politician Lee Rhiannon..!!

3) After failure of adopting Limited Tenure: Do not vote for Zionist...!!

After Lee and her faction failed to enforce the Greens to adopt Limited Tenure to oust Ian Cohen automatically, Lee resorted to new tactics. She was desperate, as she knew that without outsing Ian, he will win any pre-selection campaign.

Lee and her faction started to campaign to change the pre-selection process. She initiated new campaign to embarrass Ian to enforce him to retire.

The idea was to change the pre-election ballot papers to include new box: “I dis-endorse the candidate....”.

Her dumb idea was simple: If Ian cannot be ousted by Limited Tenure principle, then Lee would conduct vicious campaign against him to get large number of Greens members to dis-endorse him. Even if the campaign will not get the required percentage to enforce Ian’s disendorsment, he will feel embarrassed and ashamed from high percentage of people disendorsing him.

She was successful in introducing new process for pre-selection…