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Our story with the Australian extremists: Enough is enough!!

When we decided not to back down on the barbaric attacks by local extremists, we took this decision as enough is enough. The current barbaric medieval attacks on our democratic rights of freedom of speech and thoughts were not the first attacks we sustained. But we have decided that they should be the last.

The first time we decided to run candidates in local election was on September 2008. At that time, there were no controversial issues like the current violence in Syria. Our election campaign was going on very smoothly. Until one day we were alerted by a friend who attends Friday praying at musallah operated by one of these extremist groups.

We were told that the imam of the musallah had urged his followers not to vote for us, namely. The reason for this because he suspects that we are Shia seeking representation in the local council. The calls to boycott us spread like fire in the hay. We heard accounts that all other musallahs, masjids and mosques operated by extreme groups aff…