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To Syria with Love- Gifts for Victims of Terrorism

The 3rd International Tour of Peace is expected to arrive to Damascus mid September 2016. This will be the largest and hopefully most successful peace tour.

To show solidarity with Syrians, we organised participants to visit Syrian victims of terrorism. The visits will include visiting injured military officers. They will include visiting civilians /survivals of terrorist attacks.

To show respect, solidarity and support, we want to give the public the opportunity of sending “gifts” to Syrians, especially victims of terrorism. These gifts could include: greeting cards, warm clothes (jackets, shoes, boots, pants, socks...), money....

We can receive your donated gifts initially in Australia, Norway and NZ. We are talking to other participants in other countries if they want to be involved.

All items should be brand new. No personalised items to specific people. Gifts will be distributed randomly in presence of Syrian officials and media. Details with photos will be published on our we…