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The devastating consequence of Labor alliance with extremists...

It is well known that Australian (and Western) democracy is described as “participatory democracy”. This means that the loudest will be more represented in decision making than the more shy ones.

Recently, I was told by Labor party insider that John Robertson and other officials and faction leaders were made to believe that the key to Labor success in the next NSW election will be in the party’s alliance with Lebanese Moslem Association (LMA). Such believe that lead John Robertson to allow parachuting of a Lebanese-background Muslim into the seat of Lakemba. The same belief could see another Lebanese-background Muslim run in another seat, despite the many indications that he run illegal preselection campaign based on branch-stacking and behind-doors lobbying about the need to allow him to run in that seat because of his endorsement by Lebanese Moslem Association.

If this is true (and most likely it is), John Robertson is either fool or very desperate.

Let us talk facts and numbers…