Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The devastating consequence of Labor alliance with extremists...

It is well known that Australian (and Western) democracy is described as “participatory democracy”. This means that the loudest will be more represented in decision making than the more shy ones.

Recently, I was told by Labor party insider that John Robertson and other officials and faction leaders were made to believe that the key to Labor success in the next NSW election will be in the party’s alliance with Lebanese Moslem Association (LMA). Such believe that lead John Robertson to allow parachuting of a Lebanese-background Muslim into the seat of Lakemba. The same belief could see another Lebanese-background Muslim run in another seat, despite the many indications that he run illegal preselection campaign based on branch-stacking and behind-doors lobbying about the need to allow him to run in that seat because of his endorsement by Lebanese Moslem Association.

If this is true (and most likely it is), John Robertson is either fool or very desperate.

Let us talk facts and numbers on the claim by LMA for the last decade that they control the votes of Muslims in the state.

As according to Wikipedia, the official numbers of Muslims in the state indicates that we constitute 3.4% of the NSW population. Less than 15% are Lebanese-background. Some of these Muslims are Shia, Alawi and Sufi. This leaves Lebanese-background Sunni Muslims counts less than 10% of NSW population. Among these, large section does not recognise Lebanese Moslem Association to represent them. Large section of Lebanese-background Muslims are Ahbash, secular, Sufis and Wahhabis.

In addition to all above, the Lebanese-background Muslims formed many organisations based on the village they came from originally. There are tens of organisations that do not recognise Lebanese Moslem Association to represent their members: Al Minia, Al Mina, Bhanin, Muryatah, Al Arqoub associations among some of these dozen organisations.

Apart from these numbers and facts, we can mention dozens of other facts to prove that Lebanese Moslem Association cannot affect more than handful of voters to vote the way it wishes.

In 2011 NSW election, the Lebanese Moslem Association declared that it will back Liberal candidates in all areas it claimed of having influence. This includes seats of Canterbury, Lakemba, Bankstown, Auburn and Granville.

Yes, Labor suffered big swing in these seats, but it was not because of Lebanese Moslem Association’s campaign. The Labor suffered swing against it in Lakemba and Auburn of about -20%. In Bankstown, Canterbury and Granville it suffered swing against its candidates of around -10%.

The Lebanese Moslem Association immediately jumped to conclude that it was behind this swing.

Well, looking at results in that election gives clear indication that LMA was lying.

Labor suffered in the seat of Bathurst of swing against it of more than
-36%. And this seat has minimal Muslim votes. Even in seats like Camden, Charlestown, Drummoyne, Heathcote, Miranda, Menai, Mulgoa, Parramatta, Riverstone and Smithfield, Labor suffered big swing against its candidates of more than -22 - -30%. And all these seats have minimal Muslim votes and Lebanese Moslem Association claimed no responsibility for the Labor electoral bloodbath.

The Indian-background (and most of them are not Muslims) did not send John Robertson a letter claiming that they cost his party victory in 2011 election, despite having numbers to unseat at least 2 Labor MPs at that election.

The Lebanese Moslem Association convinced the so-called Mufti of Australia to participate with them in the biggest deception campaign in the state history. He also sent a letter to Labor leadership claiming that he was behind the survival of Labor candidates in seats of Blaxland, Watson and other seats with large Muslim votes by directing Muslim voters to stick with Labor in 2013 Federal election. All this despite the fact that more than 90% of Australian Muslims do not know the name of this mysterious Mufti. And this Mufti could not tell Labor why they lost seats of Reid and Banks for the first time since federation, despite Mufti’s claim of intervention.

The politics in Australia became more of a joke.

Instead of Labor starting serious self-search for the real reasons why voters had decided to desert the party in masses, they are resorting to follow a mirage of lies and deceptions. Such mirage will lead them to a catastrophic result similar to the result lead them by Obied-Arbib.

But this time, they are totally blinded by organisations with strong relations to extremists.

Labor should worry now of losing support of large sections of moderate Muslims, Shia Muslims, Sufis, Ahbash and Non-Muslim decent voters. In addition, the alliance with Lebanese Moslem Association and other Lebanese-tribal organisations could see their votes collapse in many areas where Muslim votes are minimal as a protest of such alliance. And there is no guarantee that their popularity will not suffer even in Auburn, Lakemba and Bankstown.

The LMA is falsely claiming for the last 3 years that their campaign is making breakthrough in NSW politics. Their lies of enforcing Labor (and other political parties) to change its attitude towards Muslims were surprisingly (for a hidden agendas) heard in our media (mostly Murdoch’s controlled media). The LMA deceptive claims ignore the fact that the campaign of thousands of activists to see some representation of marginalised (including religious minorities) was resulted in electing many Muslims to parliaments in Australia long before LMA started its notorious cheap campaign in 2011. The campaign of thousands of progressive Australians (including our campaigns) saw: 3 Muslims elected to Victorian parliament (2006), 1 Muslim elected to Federal parliament (2010) and 2 Muslims elected to NSW parliament (2009 &2013).

As my Labor party insider points, the Labor party swallowing the lies of LMA could have devastating impact on Labor party. The successful campaign of lies by LMA could have devastating impact on the quality of local party membership, quality of politics and campaigns and quality of politicians they will produce in the future. It will be seen that all you need to win a spot in the Labor party is to lead a major campaign of lies and deceptions.

I agree with him.

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