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After years of systematic radicalisation: extremists infiltrate our political system...!!

I thought that the 4 Corners program broadcasted 5 November 2014 will spark intense debate and prompt all authorities to search for answers and take quick decisive actions (you can watch the program here Despite the fact that the program producers seem not to understand fully the implications of what they revealed, but I thought that other authorities would have taken notice and acted quickly.

The program revealed beyond any doubt the deep relations between the convicted terrorist Khalid Sharrouf and officials of CFMEU, the largest union in Australia and the largest donor and supporter of Labor party (and to lesser extent of Greens party too). The program did not go further in answering questions that would become natural response to these revelations. Questions like:
- Did Khalid Sharrouf’s dealing with CFMEU was individual initiative or part of larger project of close relations with extremist groups in Australia?
- Who …