Sunday, January 30, 2011

The use of the Egyptian blood for Greens election campaign: stop political opportunism!

There is election in NSW on 26 March 2011.
And the Greens decided to launch its campaign on the blood of Egyptian people.
In the last Federal election, the Greens launched its campaign on the blood of Palestinian people and Turkish activists killed on Marvi Marmara.

This very cheap political prostitution should be stopped. Morally it is unacceptable.

Should we say the whole facts:
- The Tunisian Greens were partners and allies of Bin Ali regime’s oppression of Tunisian people.
- The Israeli Greens is part of Zionist state oppression of Palestinian people.
- The Jordanian Greens are partner of the regime’s oppression of Jordanians.

But the NSW Greens wants to convince us that they are different.

Before that, we note that German Greens were the ones who sent Germany soldiers for the first time since the end of the II World War to invade foreign country. And that was Afghanistan.

The NSW Greens chose to try to deceive us that they opposed the invasion.

So, please NSW Greens: stop political prostitution.

Our blood should not be material for your election campaign: on the federal or state level.
Our blood and the blood of all innocent people around the world in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt and Tunisia should not be used as election material for you to continue deceiving people.

If you really believe of what you tell us during election campaigns, do something practical.

If you really oppose oppression of Tunisians, do something to discipline your counterparts in Tunisian Greens.
If you really oppose oppression of Afghani people, expel German Greens from Global Greens.
If you really against Israeli massacres, issue single media release stating that Israel is a rogue state and is responsible for the cycle of violence in the Middle East.

We know that you are not genuine. We know very well that you are liars.
So please piss-off. And excuse me for this. The situation is so tense and I cannot be so polite.

Our blood should not be used as election material for your regressive campaign to continue deceiving us.

And shame on you.

Respect our grieve. Respect our suffering. Respect our blood. Respect our sacrifice.
And please do not let us hear your lies against our will.
So, Australian Greens: go to hell.

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