Thursday, June 02, 2011

Open letter to the Greens: Actions are louder than inquiries!!!

I was jumping up and down from this morning until now. I did not feel tired or that I need any rest. My joy is limitless.

At the end, the Greens pushed the government to accept an inquiry about the mandatory detention system. At last we will know the problems of the system and we will have time to explore alternatives.

My God.

As if the wide spread riots since 1999 until now (including burning of Charismas Island detention centre and Villawood DC) is not clear indications.
As if 5 deaths – suicides in the last 8 months is not clear evidence of the brutality of this system.
As if tones of reports from different human rights organisations are not enough to expose the systematic problems in the system.
As if the Greens does not have the balance of power in the cabinet to enforce the government to retreat from the current inhumane practices.

And The Greens still have the courage to claim victory.

As if we do not know that the results of previous inquiries and committees ended in the government’s rubbish bin, with no one recommendations implemented.

We say to the Greens very loudly: please give us BREAK.

Enough prostitution and it is the time to either do something or go to hell.

Let me be very simplistic in asking the following question: why Mr Andrew Willkie was successful in enforcing the government to accept all his demands and implement them, but your suggestions were largely ignored or laughed at?

I do not want to be very deep in my analysis at the moment. But the simple answer is because Andrew Willkie was very clear: accept my demands or let us go to early election that you will definitely lose.

Well. We are not impressed by your poor performance, on all level including leading Australia to a very possible recession soon.
And we are not expecting much from your inquiry, which was originally a Liberals suggestion. We know that after all, its recommendations will end up in the rubbish bin.

The racist brutal immigration system needs more than inquiry to be fixed. It needs commitment and courage. And we know that you do not have it. The white colour of your party gives very clear indication of your party’s lack of any commitment to real multiculturalism. And at the end of the day, it is all about attacks on Multiculturalism in a bid to increase racism and Islamophobia.

We deeply believe that the Labor-Greens racist government should go: to the history dust bin. And we will do all in our best to make sure that this will happen in the next election.

And do not scare us form Tony Abbot and his openly racist coalition. In Arabic we say: The racist we know is better than the racist we do not know.

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