Thursday, April 03, 2014

I refused Wikileaks blackmailing: Syria needs real friends not with hidden agendas

After the successful fundraising campaign to raise money to buy medical supplies for Syrians which generated so far around $10,300.00, some unfortunate development on the mission to Syria ought to be announced.

With deep sorrow and shock I note here the Wikileaks “party” move to politicise this highly humanitarian aid and solidarity mission to Syria to try to cover their deep problems of internal infighting and total lacking of transparency and democracy.

I was invited to participate in the “Peace Pilgrimage to Syria” as “Palestinian activist” in an email sent to me and to the organizers of the mission on 15 January 2014. The main reason behind inviting me is my active role in defending Syria for the last 3 years and because of my participation in organizing and participating in the solidarity visit to Syria last December.

After my public resignation and total divorce with this notorious “party”, I thought that Australian internal politics will be kept separate from the mission to show solidarity with Syria and send some humanitarian aid. I advised the organizers in London about this divorce and my hope that nothing will be changed about the mission to Syria, as a totally separate issue. The organizers agreed in an email sent to me on 14 March 2014.

The Wikileaks “party”, who has hidden agenda in participating in visits to Syria (see my article on insisted to mix the two issues.

The party/family convenient store put all their weight to demand from the organizers in London to ban me from going on the mission, unless I go under the Wikileaks party banner. For me this is cheap blackmailing. Otherwise how would Wikileaks demand me to go under their umbrella after my public resignation and very public criticism to the Wikileaks for total lacking of transparency and democracy inside the party?

And more importantly, why would Wikileaks compromise not only the humanitarian and solidarity mission to Syria but also the unity of pro-Syrian movement altogether by their demands to mix between the two separate issues? Also, why would Wikileaks deny the highly needy Syrians victims of terrorism and violence of thousands of dollars in medical aid and supplies?

Can you see the hidden agenda of this “family convenient store” behind its bid to prevent very active member who was campaigning for years against violence in Syria, to the point of receiving death threats and physically attacked? And how could such move help sending message of solidarity and support to Syrians?

The Wikileaks “party” argued that the Australian representatives on the delegation are either from a local Anglican church or from Wikileaks "party". Consequently, I should be allowed to participate in this mission only under one of either of these banners.

Contrary to this false assumption, I note here that the majority on the Australian delegation are neither from the church nor members of Wikileaks party. Otherwise, where would Wikileaks classify the Muslim cleric in the delegation: under Anglican Church or with Wikileaks “party” membership?

This is deeply troubling double standard of a delegation that has a lot of hidden agendas, and not a delegation to send solidarity support or aid mission to Syria.

I refused the blackmail. And I refused to participate in the mission to Syria under Wikileaks “party” banner. And this is why we are in intense talks with many sides to explore how to send the medical aid soon to Syria.

I will update the community how we will deliver the aid to Syria, soon. We will also update community about our next mission to Syria. We expect to organize one in the next few months.

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