Thursday, September 25, 2014

The media and politicians still deceive you on “terrorism”: Wake up Australia..!!

I was visited by friend who was supporting ISIS and all other Takfiris in Syria until recently. I was shocked to hear him speak differently now. He was humiliated, disappointed and confused. “Did not they tell us for the last 4 years that they (ISIS and other Takfiri jihadists) are freedom fighters who need our help?”

But are the authorities and media serious in their “change-of-heart” towards these terrorists?

I personally do not think so.

Since the change of heart, the authorities (including media) were still seeking opinions of the same community “leaders” who promoted “freedom fighters” concept and supported these terrorists by all means.

Listen to this “leader” who was elected to be leader by 10 community members only but still claims to represent the “largest Muslim organisation” saying last Monday after PR conference to shake hands and kiss each other “the problem is that the community members do not listen to the true leaders. They listen to Sheikh Google and Imam Facebook”.

His mere lies were widely broadcasted on our media, adopted by our politicians and will be taught in our universities soon. Media noted earlier that the same leader’s organisation was actively brainwashing community members for the last decade even by broadcasting on several occasions lectures of AL Qaeda terrorists, including lectures by killed terrorist Anwar AL Awlaki, who was no 1 on most dangerous terrorist on earth ( ). Mr Dandan of Lebanese Moslem Association apparently did not attend any Friday pray in the last 4 years in any of the mosques operated by extreme local imams which will be ended in calls for sectarian hate (and attacks) on Shia and Alawis as a support for Syrian “revolution”.

Media did not question Mr Danden’s unsubstantiated claims by reminding him of the auction of Al Qaeda flag in Ahmad Bin Hanbal centre ( ). Not only this.

On Q&A program last Monday, a counter-terrorism expert Anne Azza Aly, adopted these lies unquestioned. The veteran ABC host, Tony Jones, agreed enthusiastically. No one asked Mr Dandan why Muslim community members will need Sheikh Google to radicalise them when there are plenty of extreme sheikhs available in every neighbourhood in our major cities!!!

This is not the only program that adopted such lies and reported them as facts.

So why our authorities are trying to continue deceiving you?

One would assume that media and other authorities would not continue to deceive you unless there is another agenda or plan.

I say (and said for the last 4 years) that plan A for authorities was to allow extremist sheikhs and centres to brainwash our youth and recruit them to go and fight in countries like Libya and then Syria to achieve US “New Middle East plan”. Otherwise, how would our authorities explain the large numbers of Australian terrorists participating in the fight in Syria and Iraq (the largest among Western nations per capita).

But when plan A failed outside the gates of Damascus, it seems that the same perpetrators (US and its CIA) came with plan B.

We discover that by plan B, the perpetrators will change some of the terminology only. By plan B, “Freedom fighters” will become “extreme terrorists” that need to be crushed and destroyed. By this way, US can achieve many goals with one shot.

Firstly, it will try and attack Syrian army posts and government’s command centres, then they can try changing the unfriendly regime. This is highly unlikely (if not impossible) to happen now after Russia and Iran strong warnings with sending whole fleet of warships and stockpiles of rockets and advanced weapons.

Secondly, US will secure new military basis to try and contain the aftermath of the collapse of plan A (protect their puppet regimes). In addition, US will be able to continue milking the region’s wealth under the banner of “protecting you from ISIS”.

Thirdly, kill as many terrorists as possible before they could return safely to their homeland where they could constitute great pain to the Western security agencies.

This is why authorities are not telling you the full story. This is why media and authorities are not talking about the main related issue: “who created these monsters and allowed them to grow and expand in our society and beyond”.

Otherwise, why all talks by politicians on our media for the last 2 months were about the threat of Australian Takfiri terrorists on our society after their return from Syria. But no one is ready to discuss who allowed them to go to fight in Syria, who recruited them and who allowed this recruitment.

I can smell new conspiracy... I am sure it will fail... but what is the price...

In addition to hundreds of thousands of innocents killed in different countries because of plan A, we started to pay the price by coping attacks on community members, spit on women faces, graffiti on mosques and schools and high discrimination at all levels.

Why would victims pay the price twice!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My thoughts after Anti-terrorism raids in Australia today: I am not convinced!!!

The authorities (all of them including government, security agencies, politicians and media) want all of you to believe that we suddenly discovered that we have terrorists in our country.

These terrorists became terrorists overnight. They developed strong relations with ISIS commanders overnight. And they accepted to act on these commanders’ orders also overnight.

They want all of you to believe that there were no brainwashing campaigns for years. They want you to think that there were no community organisations working day and night in brainwashing, organising, recruiting and fundraising for extremists. They want to tell you that all sectarian violence, burning houses and businesses, shooting and stabbing rivals and extortion of businesses in suburbs were all our imaginations.

Until mid last year, the Police deputy commissioner was quoted saying to journalist about the attacks and threat on me and my friends to be “unsubstantiated” and “everything is ok”. And when I complained about this to the Minister for Police, I received no answer until today.

The authorities were deadly silent on shooting of Ali Ibrahim, extortion of businesses run by Shia and Alawi Australians, burning Naji and Al Hariri chicken shops, sending death threats to me and attacking me outside AL Bukhari bookstore and then outside Al Risalah bookstore.

The authorities even violated its obligations under Geneva conventions when they allowed Takfiri extremists to rampage the Syrian embassy, and arrested no one until today (despite the fact that the embassy officials surrendered photages of perpetrators to authorities).

The authorities did not do anything when we provided them with leaflets urging community members to donate to buy ammunitions for Syrian “revolutionists”. The leaflet stated very clearly that Syrians need ammunitions and not milk or medicines. The leaflet asked community members to donate $150 to buy magazine of bullets for Kalashnikov or $1500 to buy Kalashnikov itself.

Authorities, including our publicly funded SBS and ABC, were actively recruiting terrorists to fight in Syria when they adopted and broadcasted all fabrications and lies by Syrian “revolutionists”. The same media are still insisted to continue deceiving all of us by allocating all air to community “leaders” to lecture us about fighting against extremism they created and grew out of control. The same media that conducted extensive interviews with extremists like Zaky Mallah and Yahya EL Kholed and portrayed them as “heroes” who went to Syria to help in humanitarian aid work. They were the same media that portrayed dead terrorists (Majzoub, Abbas, Tubrikaya....) as human aid workers killed by dictator regime.

Suddenly, all these authorities want to convince you that some youth went mad overnight and became extremists that want to “do harm to us”. As if people could be born terrorist: no need of brainwashing, recruiting, training, financing and putting within networks.

So what is the role of our authorities who turned blind eyes on Al Bukhari, Al Rislaah, Iqra bookstores and other centres of hate and allowed them to brainwash our youth in reaching ?

Why did our authorities turn blind eyes on our convicted terrorists and known extremists leaving to fight in Syria, until recently?

Why did our authorities turn blind eyes on fundraising activities and money transfer to extremists overseas, until yesterday?

Why did our authorities consider myself as trouble maker for standing up against sectarian hate campaigns in our society, and asked me to stop provoking extremists by calling them extremists and demand stop of attacks on businesses and activities?

Did authorities convince you that terrorist attack is imminent... only when US decided so!!!

Did authorities convince you when they claim that Jamal Rifi and Keysar Trad are part of solution of growing extremism instead of being major parts of the problem?!!!!

While I am very happy that the authorities started to crack down on extremists, but I am not convinced....

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Our authorities: We have no trust in you in fighting extremism

Suddenly, all Western authorities (that includes politicians, media and security agencies) had seemingly woken up to the imminent threats of terrorism. Everywhere around the world. And Australia is not exception. Suddenly, authorities are desperate to coordinate with community “leaders” and members. Media are running tens of stories about extremism in our backyard.

But the main question here: are they serious in ending extremism and possible terrorism?

The answer until now is definitely NO.

When you have no concrete information, you will depend on indications and results.

When the government woke up to the bell of extremism (and possible imminent terrorism), they sought meetings and consultations with the same “leaders” that conducted the fierce campaign to radicalise our youth and help them travel to fight in Syria, where they gained extensive experience in military terrorism.

And when Khaled Sharrouf’s shocking pictures shocked our nation, the media rushed to community members and “leaders” that brainwashed Khaled and helped him to commit his crimes, seeking comments and shy condemnation.

But was there any one practical step to fight extremism on the road to destroy it?

I can claim safely that the practical steps taken were not serious and definitely not up to the extreme challenge we are facing.

Yes, we have PM who gives regular fiery speeches about possible terrorism in Australia.
And yes, we have ASIO boss regularly updating us about some information about Australian participation in terrorism overseas (we know more than these information, already!).

And we have loud talks about “Australia team”, but the members of the team chosen wrongly.

I was contacted on several occasions, by community members and media figures, asking my thoughts on authorities’ seriousness to combat extremism. And until now, I think all authorities are full of talk but no real action.

Let me start here by stating that all our authorities will not be serious in combating extremism until they admit that they were wrong on their assessment of what is happening in Syria. They are not serious in combating extremism until they declare that Syrian “revolution” was the mother of global terrorism in post WWII era. The authorities are not serious until they declare that the Syrian army and Hezbollah were fighting on our behalf to destroy terrorism before it reaches all of us. Before doing this, our authorities will be seen by all (both good community members and extremists alike) to be only trying to make things looking better.

I can say clearly here that community members (from both sides: extremists and victims of extremism) have lost faith in the authorises. And they (authorities) need to take serious actions to regain this lost faith: by actions and not talks.

We will believe authorities seriousness in fighting extremism when we see them arresting extremist “sheikhs” and self-appointed leaders, and not consulting them.

We will regain some faith in authorities when we will start seeing them closing down centres used openly to breach hate, violence and encourage terrorist activities (even if in other countries: Syria, Iraq....).

They will rebuild some broken bridges when authorises start to crack down on free flow of funding to these extremists on both sides: from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Australia and from Australia to Syria and Iraq.

We will be willing to work hard with them when we start seeing ABC and SBS describing things as it is: in both Syria and Iraq it is terrorism by same ideology.

We will start helping them with all our abilities when we start seeing media reports exposing the source of radicalisation in our community: even if they (sources of extremism) recently claim to receive unsubstantiated threats from fake Facebook or Twitter accounts.

We will believe that you woke up when media start to expose terrorists who travelled to Syria, had close association with terrorist organisation, visited their weapons factories and expressed vocal support, but still considered by our media as “humanitarian aid worker”.

We will have some faith when security agencies will start arresting people for hate sectarian speech; not dropping charges of people caught exercising hate violence or facilitating travel of “passportless” convicted terrorists.

To date, we (communities members who oppose Arab “Spring”) think that you are not serious in combating extremism (and imminent terrorism).

We will believe you when you start value the heroic actions by Syrian army by describing them as Syrian army and not Assad army. And we will believe you when you remove Hezbollah from terrorist organisation list and send letter of thanks to its leadership.

But until now: all what we are seeing is a JOKE.

Otherwise, what kind of authorities we have that blame the whole extremism and terrorism around the world on two Australians: Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed El Omer. The joke will be over when we will be told how many Sharroufs and El Omers we have and who brainwashed and helped to make them terrorists....

الوضع في الشرق الاوسط: نحو الانفجار ام التهدئة النهائية

يذهب الكثير من المراقبين على ان حرب تشرين المصرية لم تكن الا حربا تحريكية لتحقيق سلام مصري-اسرائيلي على المقاس الامريكي. ويذهب هؤلاء ان احد الاسباب خلف "اجبار" الادارة الامريكية للطلب من انور السادات شن حرب محدودة على اسرائيل هو التعنت الاسرائيلي الرافض لاي تنازلات "لجيرانها" بعد نشوة انتصار ال 67 والتخلص اخيرا من الزعيم جمال عبد الناصر واستبداله بالعميل انور السادات.

ويبدو ان القريحة الامريكية لابتكار حلول للمشاكل المستعصية التي يخلقوها محدودة جدا, فتلجا عند الاستعصاء للطرق القديمة, خاصة التي نجحت منها.

في الوضع الراهن في الشرق الاوسط فان الاستعصاء في الوصول الى حل للمسالة السورية ياتي من تعنت بعض القوى للاعتراف بالهزيمة على ابواب دمشق. وعلى راس هذه القوى تقف العربية السعودية.

فالعربية السعودية والتي استثمرت كافة طاقاتها من اجل تدمير النظام السوري, والذي يقف العثرة الاخيرة امام تسيد السعودية لزعامة المنطقة وحجر العثرة الاخير امام استسلام المنطقة بشكل كامل للكيان الغاصب, تدرك ان الاعتراف بالهزيمة سيكون له اثر مدمر على سمعتها ومكانتها الاقليمية. ولذلك فهي ماضية في قيادة الازمة الى النهاية وبكل الاساليب والطرق.

ولا نخفي سرا ان قلنا ان الادارة الامريكية ابدت مرونة في اكثر من مرحلة خلال الازمة, لتواجه بتعنت سعودي ومحاولات ناجحة لتفجير المرونة والعودة الى المربع الاول دون تحقيق اي تقدم. ومنها معارضة السعودية لعقد جنيف 2 ثم رشوة فرنسا وبريطانيا بصفقات سلاح ضخمة لمنع حضور ايران وحلفاء سوريا للمؤتمر والعمل على تفجير المؤتمر قبل انعقاده.

ولذلك اعتقد جازما ان التطورات الاخيرة في المنطقة جاءت من اجل اقناع السعودية للتنازل وقبول حلول وسط لتسوية الازمات في المنطقة. فطلبت الادارة الامريكية من داعش التمدد السريع للعراق من اجل تضخيم قوة وبطش التنظيم. ثم يوجه التنظيم تهديدات مباشرة للسعودية وحلفائها في الاردن بالاجتياح ومصير كمصير العراق وسوريا. والهجوم على لبنان كان من اجل تجريد حلفاء (او دمى) السعودية المستقبليين من قاعدتهم الشعبية لصالح داعش واخواتها لزيادة ارعاب السعودية بفقدانها لادواتها (او حلفاءها حسب التسمية الرسمية) وانكشاف ظهرها اللبناني.

ويبدو ان اعادة اللعبة التشرينية ستاتي اكلها. فالسعودية وافقت على الالتقاء بالايرانيين للتعاون بشان مكافحة داعش والتطرف وكان اللقاء ايجابيا حسب جميع المصادر. كما انها (اي السعودية) لم تقف بوجه التدخل الايراني والمليشيات "الشيعية" في المناطق "السنية" في العراق. كما ان حلفائها في لبنان انزلوا سقف مطالبهم كثيرا وهم مستعدون للتعاون ضد داعش واخواتها. كما ان السعودية دعت وعلى عجل مجموعة ما يسمى باصدقاء سوريا في الجامعة العربية لاجتماع عاجل دون دعوة المعارضة السورية او مطالب عالية بضرورة تنحي الرئيس الاسد او دعم عسكري للمعارضة المعتدلة (والتي اصبحت في خبر كان).

نعم هناك ضجيج عال في كل عواصم الشرق الاوسط ان داعش ستجتاح الاردن ولبنان والسعودية والكويت وتعيث فيها قتلا وذبحا وتدميرا للانظمة. ونعم هناك استنفار عال في كل هذه العواصم. ولكنني اتوقع ان كل هذا هو جزء من اللعبة الامريكية لاقناع السعودية وحلفائها من صقور المنطقة (اردوغان مثلا) على طريقة حرب تشرين التحريكية من اجل تامين سلالم لهذه الدول للنزول من على الاشجار العالية التي ارتقوها خلال الازمة.

الهزائم المتلاحقة لداعش في العراق وطردها في اقل من اسبوع من اكثر من نصف المناطق التي احتلتها خلال الاسابيع الماضية هو مؤشر على اكثر من حقيقة. فداعش قوة ليست خارقة لا يمكن هزيمتها. وبالتالي فان تهديد داعش باحتلال السعودية والاردن ولبنان والكويت وتركيا شيء لا يمكن تحقيق ولو جزء منه دون الضوء الاخضر الامريكي (غير الموجود اصلا).

يرى البعض ان تضخيم قوة داعش هو من اجل تقوية النفوذ الامريكي في المنطقة واعادة هذا النفوذ الذي خرج بالقوة من العراق ليعود اليها من شباك داعش. فحرب داعش ستؤدي (كما يقول البعض) الى انشاء قواعد امريكية ثابتة في المنطقة لاكمال حصار الحلف السوري-الروسي-الايراني.

ولكن هذا المنطق لا ياخذ بعين الاعتبار ان النفوذ الامريكي لم يتقلص يوما وهو موجود بقوة حتى داخل الجيش العراقي وفي الاحزاب الموجودة. كما ان لامريكا قواعد ثابته في كل المنطقة من كردستان الى تركيا مرورا بالاردن والسعودية والكويت والامارات وسلطنة عمان. اضافة لحاملات الطائرات المرابطة في الموانئ الخليجية.

ولا نشك ان لدى محور المقاومة معلومات استخباراتية عن خطط لتفجير المنطقة ومعلومات عن تنقل الاف الارهابيين بين الدول. ولكني اعتقد ان كل هذا هو جزء من عملية الخداع الكبرى التي تقودها امريكا, ومن ضمنها تمثيليات ذبح الصحفيين الامريكيين, لايهام العالم (وخصوصا السعودية) بقوة داعش وجبروته.

كان لزاما على الراعي الامريكي ان يثبت لجولدا مائير وحكومتها ان هناك دواع قوية لقبول تنازلات مع جارتها الكبرى, فجاءت بخدعة حرب تشرين المصرية والتي شكلت هاجسا لدى الاسرائيلي بامكانية زوال الكيان ان لم يقدم تنازلات. واليوم هناك داع لاقناع السعودية بضرورة التوافق مع الدول الاقليمية الكبرى, لان استمرار الازمة سيقوي داعش التي قد تشكل امكانية زوال كيان المملكة.

Our letter to opposition leader seeking help to end suffering of Australian families

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