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Whatever the reason, I will not vote for Jason Clare: No to extremism..!!

Jason Clare, Labor MP for Blaxland (where I reside) didn’t get my vote in the last election and definitely won’t be getting my vote in the next.

The reason why I didn’t vote for him in the last election was due to his poor record on many social issues.

The reason why I won’t support him in the upcoming election is his total support for radical elements in our community.

Mr Clare is the Labor MP of Blaxland, a federal seat that has the largest number of Muslims in Australia and one of the largest numbers of migrants born in Non-English speaking countries. The seat, which includes the suburb of Bankstown, witnessed the highest level of sectarian violence in the country. This violence was perpetrated by a group of Muslim extremist towards other sects that didn’t follow their same “ideology”. The people targeted by these violent individuals were other Muslims who either belonged to different sects (Shites and Alawi) or just secular Muslims.

Mr Clare’s response to these violent and vicio…