Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whatever the reason, I will not vote for Jason Clare: No to extremism..!!

Jason Clare, Labor MP for Blaxland (where I reside) didn’t get my vote in the last election and definitely won’t be getting my vote in the next.

The reason why I didn’t vote for him in the last election was due to his poor record on many social issues.

The reason why I won’t support him in the upcoming election is his total support for radical elements in our community.

Mr Clare is the Labor MP of Blaxland, a federal seat that has the largest number of Muslims in Australia and one of the largest numbers of migrants born in Non-English speaking countries. The seat, which includes the suburb of Bankstown, witnessed the highest level of sectarian violence in the country. This violence was perpetrated by a group of Muslim extremist towards other sects that didn’t follow their same “ideology”. The people targeted by these violent individuals were other Muslims who either belonged to different sects (Shites and Alawi) or just secular Muslims.

Mr Clare’s response to these violent and vicious attacks was silence!

Not only was he silent, he even refused to meet with some of the victims of these attacks. I know this because one of those victims was me!

I was physically assaulted in the heart of Bankstown and just metres away from MP Clare’s office. Before that, I had already received hundreds of death threats and I had been verbally assaulted many times.

Another victim, Mr Ali El Ali, was shot on 4 February 2012 at his house in front of his wife and children. Mr El Ali lived in Punchbowl which belongs also to the division of Blaxland.

Mr Isawi was tortured by local extremist in his shop. He was beaten and threatened to be killed if he didn’t sell up and leave.
Without the support from local authorities he gave in to the extortion and lost his shop.

In August 2012 I sent an email explaining to Mr Clare what my family was going through after receiving hundreds of death threats. These threats included the kidnapping and rape of my children.

I’m a political campaigner and community leader and I’ve always been very vocal in fighting extremism in our society. This has never gone down well with the local extremists and for this reason I was physically assaulted.

Since I never got an answer to my email I decided to phone the office. I explained to a staff member the situation and that I wished to see him as the situation was critical. The staff member was rather rude and not willing to help stating “Mr Clare is a very busy man and can’t meet you”.
The staff member did, however, give me the number of the local police (sigh).

To date Mr Clare has not bothered to meet any of the victims of Muslims radicals. If this wasn’t bad enough, he hasn’t even taken the time to at least condemn these violent acts on his constituents. Many of these victims were forced to close down their business and move away from Bankstown.
Not even when I was assaulted on national TV in May 2013 he didn’t seem to deem this particular incident worth of condemnation.

The voice of ordinary Muslims who were victims of violent attacks perpetrated by Muslim radicals are apparently not worthy of Mr Clare’s time.

On 1st October last year, Ms Maha Abdo who happens to be a Muslim extremist, had apparently received an angry phone call from someone telling her to “love Australia or leave”. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden Mr Clare spoke out about this disgraceful phone call inside the parliament. He even issued a media release and mentioned this also on his website.

Apparently for Mr Clare shooting someone or threatening to kidnap and rape children is not a serious matter, however a harmful phone call gets blown out of proportion. And this is when in dirty politics it all comes down to votes! There is no other logical explanation for such blatant disparities within the same constituency.

Mr Clare not only supports extremism and radicalisation but his silence has encouraged local extremist to continue their radical activities of brainwashing, recruiting, attacking opponents and fundraising. And this is the main reason why I will not vote for Labor candidate in Blaxland in the next election.

Not only I will not vote for this politician who supported and still supports radicalisation in our society. I, and other concerned members of our community, will mount a campaign to see voters put him last on their ballot paper.

I will not vote for Mr Clare for two reasons:
1) I do not support extremism.
2) all Australians should be equal

In the next election, we will work very hard to see Blaxland become a marginal seat. Mr Clare needs to remember how we nearly achieved this in 2010.
We helped to achieve a drop in Labor’s primaries to 50%, increased the informal vote by 15%. 10% of voters boycotted altogether. Blaxland had the highest informal vote in the country where 25% of voters didn’t vote for any candidate.

Mr Clare needs to represent all members in his seat equally. He needs to withdraw support to extremist groups and organisations and highlight instead the dangers of radicalisation among our community.

If Mr Clare thinks he can gain votes by supporting such groups then he needs to know that according to NSW state election results, these extremists have no support among voting residents.

Mr Clare needs to apologise to all victims of extremism and stop listening to the likes of extremist organisations such as the Lebanese Moslem Association which have greatly contributed to the spread of extremism in our society.

#Vote_Jason_Clare_Last in Blaxland

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