Monday, May 02, 2011

Greens shameful stance on refugees: their real agendas and ways to counteract them.

We are proud that we were the first to warn about the Greens destructive agendas of deceiving masses. And we are happy to start hearing dissatisfaction amongst Greens supporters and other human rights activists of the Greens politics.

We should first mention that the Greens have policies that are totally different than its real politics.

The Greens official policy on health, for example, is that the Greens support abolishing private health rebate. In action, the Greens opposed measures to abolish this rebate when it was introduced by Kevin Rudd’s government.

The Greens also had policy on Israeli occupation of Palestine, including supporting sanctions and boycotting of Israel. Recently, Bob Brown told all of us that this is not the case and the Greens do not support any move to boycott Israeli products or imposing any kind of sanctions.

The Greens official policy on Multiculturalism is that the non-English speaking people should be encouraged to participate in political process by all means, including taking positive-discrimination actions to achieve this. This is even imbedded in the Greens declaration. But in fact, the Greens are totally and exclusively White party with no non- Anglo officials or politicians.

Now, on the issue of the refugees and asylum seekers, the Greens are exercising high political opportunism.

We should mention that the issue of boat people was the real booster of the Greens popularity in the aftermath of Tampa. The issue of boat people is exclusively related (in the minds of people, media and politicians) with the Greens.

But what are the Greens real commitments on these issues?

The Greens is happy to vend fiery speeches and media comments on this issue. The line of these speeches is no more than Cliché of words designed to deceive voters and citizens. But the Greens will do no more on this issue, as they want to convince us that they cannot do more than media comments, speeches on rallies and crocodile tears for the suffering of the detainees.

In the aftermath of the wide spread riots inside Christmas Island DC and then Villawood DC, the Greens rhetoric even slide down to participate in criminalising these desperate detainees. We saw how Ms Hanson-Young, the Greens senator responsible for this portfolio, supported the move to criminalise anyone who participated in the riots.

The Greens, who have policy of the need to inform citizens about political process to enable them to make informed decisions, is in fact hiding the real picture form Australians.

The Greens is not telling the Australians that they in fact can enforce the government to act on this issue in very quick way. The Greens is hiding from the citizens that they are in unique position now of holding the balance of power in both houses. They do not mention that their sole MP, Adam Bandt, can bargain with the government significantly to change the heart of the minister and prime minister. The Greens is not telling us that their sole MP is essential for the stability of this government. He is essential for continuity of the current government too.

The Greens is not telling us how Mr Andrew Willkie was successful in enforcing the government to act on Poker Machines. They did not tell us that Mr Willkie, who is not part of any party and does not control the balance of power in the senate, could achieve almost all his demands. He could do this by threatening to withdraw his support for this government. Such threat that could see the government loses its majority and enforces it to go to early election. Such scenario that the Labor party wants to avoid by any cost, as they would almost definitely lose the government.

The Greens tactics of “keeping everyone happy” is very clear. The Greens is continuing to play politics in very cheap way. The Greens will vote against any extra measures to further punish refugees and asylum seekers. And they know very well that the Labor will have easily the support of all Liberal politicians in both houses for these legislations. Then the Greens will say “hard luck, we tried but the Liberals decided to side with the Labor on this issue. We could not do anything”.

This is the kind of political cheap opportunism the Greens is exercising for the last decade.

If the Greens have the will to change the current gross abuse of human rights inside detention centres, they would seek urgent meeting with the prime minster. The Greens leader could have meeting with the prime minister to tell her in firm words “end this farce now, before we topple the government and enforce you to go for early election that you will lose”. And she will change the policy.

But are the Greens genuinely interested in changing the policy on boat people?

Frankly, we doubt. We should remember that the Greens got the record votes in the last election on the back of deep suffering of boat people. Why should the Greens push very hard to end the circumstances that gave them the balance of power in both houses? Especially the Greens have no record of principled progressive political stances.

In the face of this moral and political crisis that our political system goes through at the moment and for the last decade, we did suggest solution.

The solution is for the progressive forces and individuals to form a political coalition to present real alternative for dissatisfied and marginalised voters.

We were disappointed that many progressive forces (Socialists, Communists, Muslim groups, …) decided to back the Greens in the last elections. This sent the wrong message in the wrong direction. These groups’ close association with the Greens and their calls for voters to vote the Greens, gave the progressive voters impression that the only hope to achieve deep changes is by voting for the Greens and hence giving them more power. This in turn gave the Greens the impression that they have the progressive people’s mandate to keep acting in the opportunist way they acted in the last decade.

We believe that a new coalition is needed to present alternate voice for the marginalised and dissatisfied voters. In Britain, similar coalition under the name of Respect Party could present the British with real alternative of the parties that dominated the British politics for decades. And it worked. It brought many dissatisfied voters from socialists, communists, Muslims, new migrants and anti-war activists together.

We believe that such coalition is the only solution for the political stagnation Australia is suffering form for the last decades.

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