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Greens need to learn from Palmer United on achieving goals

I must admit of few things before discussing the issues mentioned.

First of all I need to admit that Palmer is surprising me everyday with his political tactics and positions. But I need to admit also that I am no fan of this right -wing conservative politician. But this does not mean that I do not agree with him on many things.

With only limited political expertise and limited numbers of politicians in both houses, Palmer is challenging the government on major issues. And it seems that he is winning.

Comparing all this with the case of the Greens party, The Greens case is very disappointing and depressing.

With the Greens experience in politics of more than 40 years and 11 Federal politicians, tens of politicians in state parliaments and hundreds of local councilors, one would expect that the Greens would have changed the Australian politics long time ago. When indeed despite all the above mentioned strength in the Greens case, the only achievement they achieved for the last 4 dec…