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AFI Award goes to Inner-West “Muslim” doctor

By Richardo Kurbajo

12 December 09

After reaping many awards, Mr Jamal Rifi, a doctor in the inner-west suburb of Belmore has surprisingly won the AFI Award for this year. He won the award as the best actor in the long running serial of “Bashing Muslims for own interests”.

Mr Rifi is no strange for such unexpected surprises. He won an award from Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission for no convincing reason. He also won many awards from local organisations, like local newspapers and local councils. He also won an award from unknown-to-Muslims Muslim organisation for non-related reasons. Mr Rifi could be soon listed in Guiness book for winning the largest numbers of awards in the shortest period for the silliest reasons.

The winning of AFI award has won Mr Rifi support from the NSW premiere, Kristina Keneally. She said that the best character she liked in Mr Rifi’s acting in that serial was his role as mountains’ climber on the Kokoda. “He was impressive with his abilities to chang…