Saturday, December 19, 2009

AFI Award goes to Inner-West “Muslim” doctor

By Richardo Kurbajo

12 December 09

After reaping many awards, Mr Jamal Rifi, a doctor in the inner-west suburb of Belmore has surprisingly won the AFI Award for this year. He won the award as the best actor in the long running serial of “Bashing Muslims for own interests”.

Mr Rifi is no strange for such unexpected surprises. He won an award from Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission for no convincing reason. He also won many awards from local organisations, like local newspapers and local councils. He also won an award from unknown-to-Muslims Muslim organisation for non-related reasons. Mr Rifi could be soon listed in Guiness book for winning the largest numbers of awards in the shortest period for the silliest reasons.

The winning of AFI award has won Mr Rifi support from the NSW premiere, Kristina Keneally. She said that the best character she liked in Mr Rifi’s acting in that serial was his role as mountains’ climber on the Kokoda. “He was impressive with his abilities to change the serial narrative and settings. From acting in Belmore to act in Kokoda, it is impressive to see someone quick adapting to such dramatic change of circumstances”.

Previous Australian PM, John Howard, disagreed with Ms Keneally. “The best character Mr Rifi has performed was as referee in his blue short and Green & Gold T-shirt with a whistle in his mouth. I loved his performance. He could perform then regardless of his community’s interests and thoughts”

In the street of Belmore, there was big support for awarding Mr Rifi this high-profile award. Fellow Muslims residents agreed that Mr Rifi is gifted in his skin-changing abilities.

Ali, a fellow Muslim Lakemba resident, said that while he hated Mr Rifi part in the serial when he performed an Anti Hezbollah advocate character, but his abilities are undeniable. “He should have won multiple awards for these endless abilities to stab own community and put own interest ahead”.

The writer of this report has learned that the Labor headquarter in Sussex street is busy for the last few weeks in discussing the next move. They are exploring setting up new organisation to start new award especially to be given to Mr Rifi. The Labor heavyweights are confused about the possible name of such organisation and the possible nature of the award-to-be-created. Especially that they already have made all their best to give him all the awards he won in the last 2 years.

Many in the community is still asking why Mr Rifi was awarded all these awards in the last 2 years.

Some cunning members of the community wondered quietly whether the long running serial’s episodes had finished to this end. Or these awards are just a move to groom Mr Rifi in preparation for his role in the next episodes of the serial.

The writer of the article did not contact Mr Rifi to seek his comments. This was on purpose as we know the real agendas behind all these show offs. But we hope that the coming characters Mr Rifi will perform will be less devastating to the community.

This was another black comic brought to you by your community watch dog. If you have any comment, please do not hesitate to forward it to us and we will publish it if you wish.

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