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WA election: Wikileaks party runs candidates on behalf of the Greens party!!!

Last Tuesday the Wikileaks party preferences committee decided to preference ALL very smaller progressive micro parties ahead of the Greens, Labor and Liberals. Then to put the Greens ahead of Labor and Liberals. And to put right-wing small parties last... It was semi clever decision led by the leading candidate Gerry Georgatos. His logic was right, except for putting the Greens ahead of the Labor.

The right logic is this: micro parties like Wikileaks party needs to exchange preferences with other micro parties who suppose to share some values and politics. These micro parteis include: The Democrats, Secular party, Animal Justice, Sex party, HEMP, Socialists.... By swapping preferences with micro parties who might get less primary votes than your party, this will boost your chances of reaching the quota to win senate seat. This is the logic that saw Sports party won a seat (in original count) only on less than 3,000 primary votes, by climbing on other micro parties preference votes.