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Open letter to Tony Abbott: Consulting extremists will not help anti-radicalisation

Dear Hon Tony Abbott, our PM
As a Muslim community leader and long time campaigner against radicalisation of Muslim Community.
As a victim of radical Islam because of my anti-extremism views and activities.
As a long time social justice campaigner.

I am appalled with your government’s invitation of radical groups and “leaders” to consult them of your government’s new initiative to combat radicalisation in our society. I must mention first that this condemnation does not mean that I support these initiatives or the new measures to fight “terrorism”.

I found it very shocking to learn that you had met and planning another meeting with Muslim community “leaders” for many reasons. I will mention just two of them.

Firstly, I and other community members (both active and non-active) are questioning the scientific method/s your government followed to classify people of being “leaders” and others to be non-leaders. From the list of names I read in our media, we note that some of the invited p…