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Who is responsible for Cornulla’s day of Shame?

Many “Australians” expressed their shock at what they saw on Cornulla beach on last Sunday. Did I feel the same?
Not really. I was expecting such civil unrest for quite a long time. I did write several articles and thoughts warning of such things.

Why did I expect these actions?

Let me examine the issue closely.

Do you remember Ruddock in early 2000?
I do.

“Illegal immigrants”, “Que jumpers” and “terrorists in detention centers”. Then he distributed photos of Iraqi women in headscarves jumping from boats. Then immediately distributed photos of Afghani men praying on the ground of detention centers or immediately after jumping from the boats. Then do you remember kids overboard lies?

So, is Ruddock the only one to be blamed?

“Lebanese Muslim gangs in 2001” and then the “gang rape” cases where kids where sentenced to 55 years in jail and all the publicity which mass criminalized the whole Muslims in Australia and the world!

Bob Carr was inspired by the Howard success in 2001 election on the back…

How to get Howard’s attention to Van’s case?

Do you want to involve John Howard in saving Van Nguyen’s life?
Following is 10 simple steps to achieve this:

1- Change his name from Van Nguyen to James Fraser
2- Declare that this women (his mother) is not the biological mother, and try to find him very white mother.
3- Try to find him white green-eyed sisters and brothers and very white schoolmates.
4- Replace all his photos by new photos with thick black glasses (so that we cannot see the features of his face, especially his eyes)
5- Declare that all photos circulated are not his own, and start circulating new photos, as above.
6- Circulate new media releases where Van is making racist comments about Asians and Muslims.
7- Circulate evidences from electoral commission that Van was voting for Liberal party since he turned 18.
8- Circulate media release of how Van was tough and racist with the Singaporean judges, members of security agencies and public.
9- Refer to Van as monarchist anti-republican who supp…