Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reality of Channel 7 revelations: radicalisation under smokescreen of Syrian “revolution”

I enjoyed watching the Channel 7 news today. The news mentioned that the most dangerous Australian terrorist was killed in Syrian city of Raqqah. This means that Syrian army is inflicting heavy causalities among these terrorists, even in their stronghold city.

Then the news showed a detailed report about home-grown radicalisation of kids, where they were taught the benefits of beheading enemies and the poison of democracy.

The best part of the news was that Channel 7 did not seek opinion of extremists who were made by politicians and media as peace-doves and great fighters against terrorism. I was happy not to see the face of Samir Danden (President of Lebanese Moslem Association) and Jamal Rifi.

In fact the 2 news items were great evidence that what Australians were hearing from these two were no more than cheap lies and deceptions.

Samir Danden lead an organisation that ran lectures of Anwar AL Awlaki (number 1 on list of most dangerous terrorists in the world) on several occasions in the past. The senior clerk there had issued last year a fatwa that Muslims should not say “Merry Christmas” to their Christian neighbours or friends. But surprisingly, Mr Danden had the courage early this month to claim that radicalisation evident among some sections of the community are the work of anonymous people he called them “sheikh Google and Imam YouTube”.

He (Samer Danden) wanted to convince us that the 400 Australian terrorists fighting currently in Syria and Iraq were recruited by Facebook and Twitter of unknown and unqualified “sheikh Google”.

On the other hand, Jamal Rifi was on denial that there is any danger on Australia by radical groups and brainwashed individuals. Such lies that were quickly exposed and refuted by the recent developments.

The biggest lie of both Jamal Rifi and Samir Danden is their claim that they are “moderates” who will do all in their capacity to fight against radicalisation. As if we (as Muslims and as Australians) forgot that both were on the frontline advocating violence in Syria and fundraised large amounts of money for the Syrian “revolution”, the mother of global terrorism.

The Channel 7’s revelation of brainwashing sessions of kids happened in our suburbs and by known extremists. The revelation few weeks ago of the fundraising event where ISIS flag was auctioned for more than $2500. And the revelation of the fact that man y ISIS leaders in Syria and Iraq are Australians. All these revelations proved beyond any doubt that Samir Danden and Jamal Rifi were lying on all Australians for the last few months (in fact years).

The most important (and most disappointing) issue here is that the media and politicians are presenting these radicals (and few others) as the peace-doves and messiahs that will save Australia from any terrorist activity. Not only this. Media was trying to deceive all of us by promoting Jamal Rifi as “community leader that will run in the next state election to save our youth form radicalisation”. All these despite the fact that we provided these media with video clips showing Jamal Rifi advocating Australians to support Syrian “revolution”, the mother of global terrorism. And media knows very well about Lebanese Moslem Association and their promoting of radical Islam.

We hope that media and politicians will wake up soon. Such wake-up that will not start before media tells the truth about who really led the radicalisation of our youth, who facilitated their travel to fight in Syria and those who fundraised millions of dollars to fund terrorism in Syria.

Recently I asked one of my friends ABC journalist “are you too late for reporting on radicalisation in Australia?” He answered, with very embarrassed low tone “Yes, but it is always good to be late than never”

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