Monday, September 11, 2006

Howard's Anti-Muslims remarks and IR “reforms”

What a great leadership we have in this country!!

A Prime Minister that is master only in fabricating lies and farces, inciting religious and ethnic hatred, sending our troops to invade other countries to destroy them and “wipe them off the map”, ...etc

Was I shocked to hear his latest messages of religious hatred, after all his lies of “queue jumpers”, “kids overboard”, “Saddam's weapons of mass destruction”......??

Frankly? Yes. I was shocked.

I was shocked because he could not stop after all his claims of “Muslim” extremists that want to carry out terrorist attacks on Australian land, which turned out to be not more than cheap farces and lies (after the re-aquittal of “Jihad Jack” and “Zack Mallah” and no charges to any of the rest.)

I was shocked at the low level of desperation that he is showing at the moment.

I was shocked at his assumption (but maybe his assumption is right) that the Australians are the dumbest people on the earth!!

I was shocked that his deeply discriminatory and offensive remarks did not spark immediate widespread condemnations, rallies and civil unrest.

I was shocked at what a beautiful community we have. A community that after 10 years of constant viscious attacks and disgraceful remarks, is still deep calm on the streets of Lakemba, Auburn and Bankstown.

I was shocked at the lack of any alternative leadership in Australia at the moment. All other political forces were very shy to take any practical steps in the last decade and resorted only to very shy media releases (mainly for political scoring).

I was shocked that a few so called “Muslim leaders” were quick to “self flogging”, by blaming the problems on the “extremist” elements in the community.

Let me go back to the remarks and try to understand why I am deeply shocked.

John Howard is urging the Muslims migrants to learn English language “as quickly as possible”.

Very nice words. But how?!!

Did not this Howard know that his government slashed all funding for English teaching since 1996?

Does he recall that his government is stopping (by the law) migrants from studying English language. Do I need to remind him that his government created so many “temporary” visas that are not allowed to study English. Let me remind him of some of these visas: “Temporary Protection Visa” (at least 3 years), “Temporary Spouse Visa” (at least 2 years), Temporary Bridging Visas (unlimited time)..... and all of them are not allowed to access Federally funded English classes.

Even holders of Permanent visas are allowed to access very limited numbers of hours (if any).

So how can this genius assume that these new migrants would learn English!!!

Do his remarks at this moment indicate that he and his government are in crisis!!

Do these remarks have any relation to the Industrial Relation Laws “reform” and their devastating effect on the society??

Have these remarks any relation to the deterioration of the situation in Iraq and the increasing revelation of how much the government knew about the “weapons of mass destruction lies”, the kick back to Saddam's regime and how much they knew about the abuse of Iraqi human rights at Abu Ghreeb?

Would I be shocked for longer than the next year???

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