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the significance of the deal between Iran and 5+1...

Some people (especially those supporting Axis of Resistance) wrongly understand the significance of the deal between Iran and 5+1...

The deal does not make Iran nuclear power.... Iran has nuclear power for peaceful use for the last few decades. So the deal will not make any change...

The significance of the deal:
- It lifts sanctions on Iran, hence strengthening the Iranian economy and its influence on international economy.
- US admits of its foreign policy failure and hence its hegemony as only super power comes to and end.
- The deal was not able without the efforts and sacrifices of Iranians and their allies in Syria and Russia. The allies efforts that aborted the New Middle East plan, should expect that US and its allies will help seriously and genuinely to restore global stability by ending the terrorism launched by US policy.

The significance of the deal as described by both Putin of Russian and Assad of Syria is that US has agreed that new world order has emerged. an orde…

AFP Eid Iftar embarrassment: why authorities insist to deal with extremists..!!!

We have no other choice but to continue laughing at authorities insisting to embarrass themselves when it comes to dealing with Muslim communities. The authorities are insisting to extend the hands of cooperation with the wrong people in Muslim communities, for the last decade. These wrong decisions that resulted in the current high level of radicalisation, resulted in reaching high level of terror alert.

Authorities insisted for the last decade in dealing with Muslim communities to consult and cooperate with loud extremists claiming to represent our diverse communities. The latest round of consultation about anti-terrorism measures last year which saw major boycott by self-appointed leaders (mainly extreme elements) was not enough for our authorities to understand the real situation in the communities.

Today’s announcement of AFP cancelling its Eid Iftar because some invited “leaders” vowed to boycott the Iftar is latest funny embarrassment for our authorities.

When authorities s…

Open letter to Luke Foley: Do not be fooled by Muslim extremists...!!!

Dear Hon Luke Foley, leader of NSW Labor party and member for Auburn

I decided to write you this letter because I thought that enough is enough of your party influenced by organisations that falsely claim to have monopoly on Muslim votes in this area and in the state in general. This lie that had lead both your party and other parties to give this organisations undeserved weight and consideration. But what is important for us is the deadly impact of such consideration for organisations that have no significant base and no fans among Muslims of this state.

I will be very detailed in my arguments, and will match all this with facts and numbers.

The Lebanese Moslem Association (LMA) and its allies of mainly extremist organisations played very dirty game in 2011 election to convince you and your opponents that it is very influential organisation and it controls the votes of more than 200,000 voters in the state.

In 2011 election it was very clear that voters of NSW had enough from Labor …