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Why the attack on Wikileaks party participation in Syrian solidarity visit

After a week in Syria and many weeks in the Middle East, I am back to Australia. It was shocking that the media is attacking the Wikileaks party for participating in fact-finding visit to Syria. We also were in Syria for solidarity with Syrians, who were subjected to the worst waves of terrorism in contemporary history.

Even before making any comments, we were attacked and accused of all sorts of accusations. This raises very deep concerns.

I thought that media’s roles include trying to investigate issues and expose the truth. As any issue has many sides and involves many parties, it is very vital for any respected investigative journalism to contact all sides, get their version of what happens and then make conclusions.

The Australian media in its attack on our participation in the visit to Damascus sent the wrong message into the wrong direction. Some section of the media is in fact trying to hide truth, keep people ignorant, shut debate and keep trialling people by media reports.