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Open letter to SBS: your coverage on Syrian crisis is disgusting and biased

Dear SBS executives and journalists
For the last 4 years, we were watching your news coverage about Syrian crisis and related issues with deep disappointment. I wrote to you on several occasions trying to point out some misleading facts that you were trying to twist. At different occasions I received unconvincing replies. But I think that the time has arrived for you to start admitting your mistakes (mainly deliberate mistakes). I also think that the time has arrived for you to change your attitude and coverage.

Few days ago, you tried to convince us that Keysar Trad is a peace-dove when it comes to Syrian crisis and the terrorism resulted from the so-called Syrian revolution. He was given enough time to air his lies and deceptions and talk about the threats he received by ISIS member.

Today, we were enforced to watch your news piece about threats against another extremist, Dr Jamal Rifi. Similar to Trad, Jamal Rifi was allowed to air his deceptive claims that he is “moderate” and thi…