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Authorities breach their own regulations: the funding of extreme organisations is an example

Anyone who works or deals with civil society and the way it is funded will know that any NGO that interferes in elections are banned from public funding. The philosophy behind this is very simple: public funding should not be used by the government of the day to sway voters to vote for its party, candidates and agenda.

In an indirect way, the government of the day uses public money to persuade voters to vote for them.

The government of the day is allowed to spend public money to publicise their services and newly introduced legislations and their impact on voters’ lives.
Such practices were heavily criticised by all opposition parties, however the same parties once in government were more than happy to keep this practice going.

Since federation, no NGO that campaigned during election time received public funding. The only exception was made for some Muslim extreme organisations.
This process of excluding extremist organisation from such regulations was started by the Howard governm…