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This is why US and allies opposed Syrian presidential election

They say that one picture is worth more than a thousand words. And this what the pictures of Syrians voting in Lebanon and Jordan did.

For the last three years, US and its allies were claiming that Syrian president was facing “popular uprising”. The hundreds of media outlets dedicated to fabricate facts to convince the world that “Syrian president is killing his own people” failed to show the scenes of the waves of hundreds of thousands of Syrians chanting for president and flocking the Syrian embassies in Jordan and Lebanon to vote for him. These media outlets which we claimed to be financed and directed mostly by CIA and other Western intelligence agencies proved in the last 2 days to worth no penny of credibility.

The BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera, Sky News, AL Arabia, our ABC, our SBS, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and all other hundreds of internationally recognised major media outlets were exposed seriously and stand today naked in front of its audience and readers.

When th…