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Why AFP refused my FOI application...!!!

The AFP refusal to release a document they provided to the Australian embassy in Lebanon on 4 November 2015 about an AFP investigation which lead to my ban from entering Lebanon, raises very serious questions:

1- Why has the AFP chosen to convey this document to Lebanon only?
If I’m allegedly under investigation for serious matters, why did the AFP not notify other agencies such Interpol and asked other countries to refuse my entry? If I am too “dangerous” to enter Lebanon, would I not be “dangerous” entering Jordan or Egypt?
2- Why did the AFP let me leave Australia knowing very well that I would be stopped in Lebanon? Clearly my travel documents stated where I was going. If AFP already knew about the ban initiated by their agency, why make me go through the great effort in travelling all the way to that country to just get refused? This little petty game played by AFP caused me extensive financial losses.
3- I have never been subject to any AFP investigation. AFP is merely lying...