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Media hystirical biased reporting on Aleppo encourages sectarian violence in Sydney

The hysteria around the news from Syria created by our media and politicians, has once again inflamed sectarian tension in the streets of Sydney.
Such tensions take me back to the dark days in 2012 and 2013 when Muslim extremist had spread chaos in Australia by leading campaigns of extortion, bullying and assaulting anyone who opposed the Syrian “revolution”.

The media biased reporting on Aleppo, siding with Al-Qaeda terrorists, has once again sent the wrong message in all directions. Such irresponsible reporting has been the driving force behind the recent assaults and threats on community activists and leaders who support the Syrian and Russian anti-terrorism efforts.

I’ve started receiving threats (see one of them attached) from extremist who support terrorists in Aleppo. I’ve also been alerted to other similar threats and verbal assaults on other anti-extremism activist.

Such threats will be reported to the local police station. I have also advised other activists to report all th…

Banana republic: Neil Parkash affairs

We should be panicked learning details of Neil Paraksh farce.

So few months ago, our PM announced the death of this terrorist in our parliament...

But we know now that few weeks ago, our ASIO contacted Turkey and informed them that Parkash is trying to enter Turkey...

And not announcing anything until few days ago, Australians were informed through media, and not authorities, that Parkash is still alive...

Then authorities confirmed that Parkash citizenship will not be cancelled and soon he will be back to Australia...

What conclusions we should reach...

The only conclusion I can reach is that our authorities are managing these terrorists... know where they are... what they intend to do... where they intend to travel... and will extradite them to hide them with best hospitality in our jails...

but our authorities do not want us to panic... and need to feel safe...

I feel that I live in Banana republic, despite the fact I warend about this few years ago...

We are documenting these fac…

بعد ان بعتم كرامة الجالية: الشعب يريد اسقاط المتاجرين بالجالية الاسلامية

"يا أشباه الرجال ولا رجال ، حلوم الاطفال وعقول ربات الحجال، لوددت أني لم أركم ولم أعرفكم معرفة والله جرت ندما وأعقبت سدما، قاتلكم الله لقد ملاتم قلبي قيحا وشحنتم صدري غيظا ، وجرعتموني نغب التهمام أنفاسا"

الامام علي، كرم الله وجهه.

بعد انتهاء الحملة الانتخابية في ولاية نيو ساوث ويلز، لا بد من التوقف مليا عند تفاصيلها ونتائجها والكارثة الاخلاقية التي تمخضت عن دخول "قيادات" الجالية الاسلامية ومنهم معممون ورجال دين علی خطها بالمشاركة العملية في حملة حزب الاحرار العنصري المتطرف، وخصوصا ضد الاسلام والمسلمين.

الكارثة الاخلاقية ابتدات عندما سمح الكثير من مشايخ هذه الجاليات باستباحة جوامعهم ومصلياتهم من قبل مرشحي حزب الاحرار المتطرف والذي طالب قبل اسابيع من الانتخابات بوقف هجرة المسلمين باعتبارهم مجموعة همجية لا تستطيع الاندماج في مجتمع متحضر كالمجتمع الاسترالي.

بعد ذلك تفاقمت الفضيحة الاخلاقية لتصل الی حد نزول مشايخ، بعضهم كان في القريب العاجل هدفا مستمرا لحملات حزب الاحرار تشهيرا وتوبيخا الی حد المطالبة بسحب الجنسية منهم، الی الميدان والمشاركة في المهرجانات الانتخابية …

Open letter to Mr Peter Dutton: you need to put your money where your mouth is on the subject of extremism

Dear Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for immigration

I read on your portfolio your latest comments regarding the mass migration of Lebanese Muslims during the 70s. I found your “attack” on Malcolm Fraser’s brave decision to be disgraceful!

While I agree that there is a serious problem with sections of Muslims migrated from north Lebanon, I have to disagree that the reason of this extremism is caused by being born as extremist. There is no evidence of this.
To the contrary, all reliable academic studies indicate that these extremist became like this after decades of intense brainwashing.

Academics have been warning the government about the impact of Wahhabi ideology. I can refer to the countless studies by fine academics who warned the government at the time of John Howard that extremist ideology was spreading thanks to the Saudi embassy which spent $2.7 billion in three decades to promote extremism among our youth.

Instead of taking actions to curb the Saudi spending, your party (through t…

The letter that could attract us $2200 fines: more reasons why Liberals should go...

From: jamal daoud []
Sent: Thursday, 17 November 2016 10:19 AM
To: ''
Subject: Complaint of persistent unfair treatment our organisation receives from Multicultural NSW

To the Hon John Ajaka, Minister for Multiculturalism

Dear Mr Ajaka,

I am writing this letter to advise you of the persistent unfair treatment our organisation receives from Multicultural NSW.

First and foremost let me mention to you that our organisation has been and still is, the strongest anti-extremism voice in our community. Our organisation has been advocating for a better and stronger multiculturalism in Australia for the last decade. During this decade we helped hundreds of newly arrived NES people with their settlement. We advocated for changes to better represent NESB people with decision-making bodies and have fought very hard against all kind of extremism and radical views.

It is common knowledge how myself and others in the organisation w…

Authorities breach their own regulations: the funding of extreme organisations is an example

Anyone who works or deals with civil society and the way it is funded will know that any NGO that interferes in elections are banned from public funding. The philosophy behind this is very simple: public funding should not be used by the government of the day to sway voters to vote for its party, candidates and agenda.

In an indirect way, the government of the day uses public money to persuade voters to vote for them.

The government of the day is allowed to spend public money to publicise their services and newly introduced legislations and their impact on voters’ lives.
Such practices were heavily criticised by all opposition parties, however the same parties once in government were more than happy to keep this practice going.

Since federation, no NGO that campaigned during election time received public funding. The only exception was made for some Muslim extreme organisations.
This process of excluding extremist organisation from such regulations was started by the Howard governm…

Trump’s win: lessons on how to defy media and lobby groups

Just one day before the US presidential election, the Channel 7 journalist in USA was vending clear lies about the presidential race. The journalist declared that “all minorities had abandoned Trump” referring to the last minute rally attended by Trump. Funny thing when stating this, you could clearly see that the crowd in the background were more women than men. There were more Latinos and other coloured people than white. There were also a lot of Muslims.

I was sure that Trump would win. The media frenzy was a clear indication that faceless forces were on their way to be defeated. This is why the lying had intensified in the last few days. The last opinion poll, for example, indicated that Clinton’s chance of winning had mounted to nearly 90%.

I suddenly remembered how Tripoli (Libya) fell. It succumbed under the rubble of media lies and deceptions. Qatari based Al Jazeera broadcasted everywhere that Tripoli had fallen to “opposition” 24 hours before any NATO soldier set foot in th…

Trump's win: exactly as I predicted a month ago...

Despite the media’s overwhelming propaganda in favour of Clinton, I am proud to say that I was almost the only commentator to predict Trump would do better than Clinton. It seems according to early results, Trump is the favourite to win the presidential race.

Unlike all the fabrications and media lies that were fed to the public on how Clinton was going to win comfortably, I insisted this was not the case.
The Americans are fed up with Clinton and her clans’ bloody adventures in waging wars and supporting terrorist organisations and their backers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We seriously believe that Trump as president will work very hard to extinguish the fires lit up by Obama-Clinton around the world: from the Middle East to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The cold war with Russia could be eased under Trump.

Unlike media lies, Trump’s win is very good news for millions of Arabs and Muslims around the world, including USA. The Trump rhetoric will see more needed crack down on Wahhabi extre…

The real perpetrators of yesterday’s terrorist plot: authorities and media..!

Australia is in shock after the arrest of 2 terrorist in Bankstown yesterday. Media and authorities are wasting time discussing details of little importance. Names, ages and motives of the perpetrators are of really little concern. The fundamental question that should be asked, especially if we want to prevent more plots and attacks, is: who radicalized them and who recruited them?

We now know that one of the teenagers was known to the authorities for his violent actions and extreme views. Why is no one asking the right questions? Where was he radicalised and by who? Who recruited him? Was he undergoing a de-radicalisation program and which one?

Once we know the answer to all these questions we can take the steps needed to stop the recruiting and brainwashing of others.

Two years of government funded de-radicalisation programs, costing tax payers millions of dollars, has achieved little or nothing. An evaluation on such programs is urgently needed.

I was the first to raise concerns o…

Multicultural NSW: when authorities encourage radicalisation!

After the first terrorist attack on Australian soil in December 2014, our authorities admitted we could be facing a problem of radicalisation and possible terrorism.

Journalists who in the past ignored such problems started contacting me and telling me that I was right in saying all along about our growing extremism in our suburbs. For the past 3 years I had voiced my concerns about the growing number of radicalised Muslims.

For the first time in many years, local politicians had started praising my work and my ideas. Even liberal politician Greg Laundy had asked me to visit him at his office to discuss such issues.

At the time, Social Justice Network was carrying out a de-radicalisation program called “Together We Live”. We were bringing together people from different backgrounds and religious beliefs to discuss the sectarian tensions arising in our suburbs. The meetings were held at people’s homes where we would discuss various issues over coffee.

Encouraged by the positive message …

Meeting Dr Ali Haidar: Gulf States offered me money to defect...!!!

Each time I visit Damascus, I make sure I meet with Dr Ali Haidar who is the minister for reconciliation. Dr Haidar is a very humble knowledgeable and open minded person. He is part of the current Syrian government representing the national opposition party, the Syrian Social National Party.

On Wednesday 21 September 2016 I had arranged a meeting with the minister in Damascus. The meeting was part of our 3rd International Peace Tour to Syria.

Our group arrived at the ministry’s offices around 1pm. We were welcomed by Dr Ali’s aid and taken into the meeting room. The minister arrived and shook hands with each participant giving everyone a very warm welcome. He apologised for being late explaining that in the current circumstances it was very difficult to plan the day.

We completely understood the situation as we witnessed in first person. Check points are everywhere around the city. This week alone, terrorist tried to attack Damascus from Jober. They only managed to advance a few mete…

Why the media blackout on our regular visits to Syria

The media circus covering the visit of ex Liberal MP Wyatt Roy to the Iraq frontline, constitutes a big hypocrisy in how the media operates in this country.

The visit, which achieved no goal, revealed no facts and had no clear agenda in helping Iraqis, generated wide media coverage for no obvious reason. The failed politician did not tell us any useful information during his controversial visit to the Kurdish fighters’ posts in Iraq. Until now, we are unaware of the reason behind the visit. It seems to have been more a stunt carried out by a politician wanting to come back in the political arena. No more no less.

So here we have a total media circus frenzy covering a non event, whilst ignoring and forcing a total blackout on our highly informative visit to Syria.

The media is not interested to hear from participants on the situation in the war-torn country and is not interested to hear the voices of ordinary Syrians victims of violence.

The media did not show any interest to hear fr…

Rising Islamophobia: who to blame...!!!

For the last 6 years and since the beginning of terrorist activities in Syria under the banner of “revolution”, I (and many community leaders and activists) were warning of the dire consequences for the current rhetoric on the issue. The major concern for us was that such rhetoric would lead to a deep division in the society and inevitable skyrocketing Islamophobia. We also warned that official support for radical elements in the society will increase the actual possibility of imminent terrorist activities in the country. This would help the radicals establish networks this way spreading their extreme philosophies.

Our warnings fell on deaf ears!

Now and after the revelation of Centrelink’s payments to ISIS terrorists, authorities need to take major steps.

Scandals such as this one and previous terrorist activities have greatly helped the increase of Islamophobia never experienced before in this country’s history.

We saw the results of this high level of Islamophobia in last month’s…

نتائج معركة حلب كما توقعتها قبل خمس اعوام: ستهزمون...!!!ِ

في شهر اكتوبر/تشرين اول 2011 التقيت وبالصدفة مع احد قياديي اخوان مسلمي سوريا في العاصمة الاردنية عمان. كنت قادما من طهران بعد المشاركة في مؤتمر للصحفيين المستقلين. القيادي الاخونجي كان زميلا قديما في مهنة الطب البيطري, حيث استقر في عمان بعد فشل مخطط الاخوان الارهابي في سبعينيات وثماننينات القرن الماضي. وبالصدفة كان زميلا لي في عيادة مجاورة لعيادتي في منطقة زيزيا خارج العاصمة عمان.

بعد اعادة التعارف (بعد اكثر من عقد ونصف من مغادرتي للاردن), احببت استطلاع رايه عما يحدث في بلده الام سوريا. كان واثقا في كلامه الواضح "هذه المرة سيسقط النظام وسنصل للسلطة, وخلال اشهر. لدينا كل المعطيات والتطمينات".

عاجلته بسؤال "يعني الامريكي اعطاكم الضمانات والوعود ام الاسرائيلي".

عاجلني بجواب صاعق لم اتوقعه "ليس مهما من اعطانا الوعود المهم تحقيق الهدف".

"حتى لو تحالفتم مع اسرائيل, كما صرح قيادييكم وعلى راسهم البيانوني"

اشتدت دهشتي لصراحته المطلقة "سنتحالف مع الشيطان لاسقاط النظام".

اعدت السؤال من شدة دهشتي "حتى مع اسرائيل".

"قلت لك حتى مع ال…

The Greens public infighting: my own observations

After watching the 7:30 Report, Lee Rhiannon has only herself to blame for the public attack by former leader Bob Brown on her including demanding her resignation.

I joined the Greens party 2000 and resigned 2006. Lee was the major reason why I resigned, as I became sure that the party has no vision and no agenda of socio-economic change as they claim by its charter and constitution. The party was talking about one issue: how to win more power. No discussion of how this power will be used to enforce 2 major parties to retreat and accept reforms that will achieve better equality in the society.

After joining the Greens party 2000, I quickly became friend of Lee.

Attending Greens events and meetings, there was one constant face I was seeing. And this person was always vocal on issues of social justice and equality. No matter the subject was, you cannot disagree with her. This was Lee Rhiannon, the MLC in NSW then.

She was very good organiser: she is everywhere, at all events, record…

Repeated terrorist attacks in Australia: I was right on terrorism...!!!

We, as citizens, have all rights to ask our authorities: why?

Why do we have this high radicalisation level? And why you cannot control it and cannot start successful de-radicalisation steps?

Before Khaled Sharrouf managed to leave Australia and reach Syria with no valid passport.

Before AFP admitted that they cooked the conspiracy with “community leaders” and foreign powers to ban me from entering Lebanon.

Before my local MP Jason Clare refused to meet me and other community members/victims of radicals’ attacks.

Before PM invited extremists to annual Iftar, while excluding anti-extremist campaigners from invitation.

Before authorities granted millions of dollars to extreme organisations to manage anti-extremism programs.

Before all this, I was trying to give our authorities the “benefit of doubt” for lacking any sense on these actions.

But the reality of things is very concerning. For me the real causes of radicalisation is very clear now.

When I was warning about growing extre…

The terrorist’s crimes our media did not expose: the magic of Syrian “revolution”..!!

Syrian “revolution” is an amazing phenomena. I can claim easily that what is before Syrian “revolution” is totally different than what is after it.

Before the Syrian “revolution”, Australian politicians were united against the word “revolution”. They were united against Egyptian revolution 1952, Palestinians revolution, Lebanese resistance, Iranian revolution, Chi Guevara anti-imperialist revolution, Nicaraguan revolution, Cuban revolution....

When Syrian “revolution” started, all our politicians quickly fell in love with this “revolution”. Not only this. Politicians volunteered to fundraise for this “revolution”. They risked their jobs by running election campaigns in support of it.

Many members of parliament refused to meet with constituents, victims of supporters of this “revolution”. Member of Blaxland and Watson, for example, refused to meet with Ali Ibrahim (shot in his legs by “revolution” supporters), Michael Naji (whose shop was burned), Ali Al Isawi (physically and verball…

To Syria with Love- Gifts for Victims of Terrorism

The 3rd International Tour of Peace is expected to arrive to Damascus mid September 2016. This will be the largest and hopefully most successful peace tour.

To show solidarity with Syrians, we organised participants to visit Syrian victims of terrorism. The visits will include visiting injured military officers. They will include visiting civilians /survivals of terrorist attacks.

To show respect, solidarity and support, we want to give the public the opportunity of sending “gifts” to Syrians, especially victims of terrorism. These gifts could include: greeting cards, warm clothes (jackets, shoes, boots, pants, socks...), money....

We can receive your donated gifts initially in Australia, Norway and NZ. We are talking to other participants in other countries if they want to be involved.

All items should be brand new. No personalised items to specific people. Gifts will be distributed randomly in presence of Syrian officials and media. Details with photos will be published on our we…

2016 Federal election results: how our campaign impacted the voting!!

Our participation in this federal election was felt at all levels. We achieved this by spending only $500 budget which we used mainly for limited Facebook promotions. I will discuss in a separate article how we were able to be so effective with a small budget whilst enduring very high hostilities from all political parties.

With our campaign slogan “Vote For None”, we asked residents not to vote for any party.

Our campaign, based mainly in NSW, was through our social media pages and accounts. We achieved the following results:

NSW recorded the highest informal vote nationally. Further, the informal votes in NSW were double than all the other states and territories, for the exception of NT. All states recorded between 2.5% - 3.2%, except NSW which recorded more than 6%.
We focused our campaign in South-Western seats where Labor had allied with Wahhabi extremists in a bid to win Muslim votes. In these seats, the informal votes were double or triple than other seats in the state. The ave…

My letter to Jason Clare on the election eve

Dear Jason Clare, MP for Blaxland

I recently received a lot of letters from your office. Some of these letters are electoral promotion materials.

I find it utterly disgraceful that you are asking me and local residents to support and elect you on the bases of your relations with extremists. You have quoted in one promotional leaflet that you enjoy the support of known extremists: Samier Danden(of the extremist organisaiton Lebanese Muslim Association), Ashraf Rifi (the Godfather of terrorists in Lebanon), Muslim Women Association and other extreme individuals and organisations.

What a farce and how arrogant of you sending me 6 letters in two weeks period during election campaign when in the past you never bothered replying to my letters and phone calls seeking help.

Many families including mine needed your help during a period of terror and intimidation campaign perpetrated by extremists. Some of these families lost everything and endured extortions, intimidations, Molotov bombs, ve…

Liberal party and extremism game: relations with LMA as example!!

Historically Australian Muslims had always been Labor voters. Right up until 2000, more than 90% voted Labor without any second thought. Whatever the Labor policies, the majority of Muslims would vote for them.

In 2001 we started campaigning in Labor held areas. We wanted to expose how the Labor party had veered away from many social commitments so important to Muslims and new migrants in general. We asked voters not to vote for Labor in that election.

The Labor party under Kim Beazley found common ground with John Howard’s Liberal government on the issue of boat people. Both parties shared repressive measures and attacks against refugees, boat people and migrants in general.

Our campaign was very successful and saw a large section of Muslims voting for The Greens instead.

At that time the major sell point for The Greens party was the support for refugees. The Greens also seemed to support Palestine against the Israeli aggression and were against racism and Islamophobia.

It was very e…

Why is the government funding only extremist organisations to fight extremism?!!

The article in The Australian “$10m for PM’s Islamic guests” (22 June 2016) has revealed that extremist organisations received more than $10 million in government funding. Unfortunately this report has come a little too late.

This report is the first one to be published since the start of the Syrian crisis and the subsequent significant rise of radicalisation.
Despite inundating media outlets about the apparent complacency of our authorities towards extremist and growing radicalisation, media ignored such information.

The article in The Australian however falls short of telling the full story.

After the Lindt Café terrorist attack, Abbott’s Liberal government consulted with “representatives” of the Muslim community on how to deal with out-of-control radicalisation and the possible imminent threats of terrorist activities in Australia.

Surprisingly, the PM office chose to invite mainly extremists to these consultation rounds. The logic behind this was not clear for us: how would extre…

The story of Greens politician Lee Rhiannon..!!

(4) Open war on Ian Cohen

After Lee Rhiannon and her faction of mainly ex-Stalinists opportunists realised that they lost their plot to deny Ian Cohen the platform to run for pre-selection, they understood that they were left with one option only. The only option is to campaign against Ian in the election in a bid to see him lose, and so enforce his retirement with deep humiliation. In 2003, the Greens were standing on 7-8% in all opinion polls. Ian needs only 4.5% to win. Maybe less with some good preferences.

To see Ian lose was very difficult shot, for many reasons:
- It is very difficult to cause total collapse of Greens popularity, to this low point.
- Any attack on Ian, means attack on the Greens party... the party that Lee represents in NSW LC.

Despite all these, Lee and her faction did not hesitate to gamble with everything to achieve her dream of absolutely controlling the NSW Greens. I was told by Ian Cohen at later stage that Lee had the dream to destabilise Bob Brown’s l…