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Why organise International Tours of Peace to Syria?

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, active groups, who oppose the violence in Syria, started to organise solidarity visits to the country. There are many reasons for organising such visits but the number one reasons was to send a message of solidarity to Syrians and their legitimate government.

These tours also enable activists, media representatives and intellectuals to find out what is really happening in Syria first hand and not through the mainstream media fabrications.

I had the honour to participate in one of these visits in late 2013. It was a great experience that gave me a lot of ideas and information about the situation and the needs of the Syrians who chose to stay in the country.

Up until now mostly the same groups and same people visit Syria. This is mainly due to connections to that country. We wanted to do more.

We wanted our tours to be “Responsible Tourism”. This is when we decided to start our International Tours of Peace to Syria where:

• Anyone can partici…