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Australian political parties: where is our voice!

I would like today to shout very loud: enough is enough.
I would like to whisper in the ears of our politicians: no one of you is representing me.
And no one of you represents my fellow new migrants from non-English speaking countries. And no one of you represents our indigenous people.
And no one of you is representing our citizens with disabilities, with physical ones at least.

And shame on you and your parties.
You should be ashamed of yourselves very deeply, especially the ones amongst you who arrogantly claim to be “progressive”.

For us, progressive means to allow us to voice our concerns, our opinions on problems WE face and come up with solutions we think they suit us.

But instead, you have appointed yourselves as guardians on us.
We know that guardians usually appointed when person do not has capabilities to make sound judgment. And usually person cannot make sound judgment for one of the following reasons:
1- Person is not mature enough.
2- Person suffers from symptom not allowi…

How to get The Greens’ attention to Gaza blockade?

Do you want to get the Greens to act promptly and demand the immediate lift of Gaza blockade?

Then we need to convince the Greens that:
1- The majority of Gaza residents are homosexuals and Israel is imposing the blockade because they (Israelis) are homophobes.
2- The drug addicts in Gaza cannot get their needs of drug freely and easily because of the blockade.
3- There is critical shortage of needles needed for drug addicts to have safe shots of drug.
4- There is shortage of prostitutes in Gaza, where Israel and Egypt is not allowing free travel of prostitutes in and out of the strip.
5- There is critical shortage of contraceptives and drugs to induce abortions.
6- The blockade is allowing Israel to hunt whales freely in Gaza waters without permission from Palestinians.
7- The blockade is preventing importing sustainable energy technologies to the strip.
8- Most of Gaza residents are blonde green-eyed English-speaking Anglo-Saxons.
9- Hamas government is in fact part of the Greens movement an…

Reflection on yesterday’s rally: satirical contradictions for obvious reasons!

While yesterday’s rally was called to protest against horrendous crimes against international activists outside Gaza waters, it witnessed very “funny” (mostly satirical) contradictions.

The first extremely satirical thing to the point of collapsing on the floor of the Sydney Town Hall is the content of the Greens MLC speech. Ms Sylvia Hale and her Greens party had just discovered yesterday that Gaza strip is under blockade. And only yesterday, Ms Hale promised to speak up against this blockade. One would, rightly, ask where these party politicians live. Are they living on the same planet as all of us? Do not they watch TV (any TV station, even the regressive Murdoch press) to discover that Gaza is under complete blockade since early 2007?

And to be fair to Ms Hale and her party, we should mention that they promised (after they woke up recently) to come to rallies and make verbal undocumented promises to speak up against this blockade. All this despite the fact that they did not issue s…

The Greens try to hijack social justice campaigns: undemocratic moves to silence criticism and to hide truth.

Yes, I am proud that I heckled the Greens MLC yesterday over her lies about the Greens commitments to oppose Israeli barbaric actions. And yes it was deliberate and calculated action, and not coincidental.

I know that the Greens are extremely unhappy about this. The Greens wanted us to be silent, swallow their lies and then clap hands and go home satisfied that there are some politicians who listen to us and feel our sadness.

But yesterday I (and many community members) felt that enough is enough. This political prostitution should be stopped and end forever.

First of all and for all Greens (and no Greens) members who think that heckling politicians are undemocratic and uncivilized, I should mention here that in fact we learnt this tactic from the Greens. Their whole rise of popularity was a result of heckling all rival politicians they can.

Yesterday, Greens members were extremely unhappy with me heckling party MLC and branded me to be “uncivilized” and following “undemocratic” proce…