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The media and politicians still deceive you on “terrorism”: Wake up Australia..!!

I was visited by friend who was supporting ISIS and all other Takfiris in Syria until recently. I was shocked to hear him speak differently now. He was humiliated, disappointed and confused. “Did not they tell us for the last 4 years that they (ISIS and other Takfiri jihadists) are freedom fighters who need our help?”

But are the authorities and media serious in their “change-of-heart” towards these terrorists?

I personally do not think so.

Since the change of heart, the authorities (including media) were still seeking opinions of the same community “leaders” who promoted “freedom fighters” concept and supported these terrorists by all means.

Listen to this “leader” who was elected to be leader by 10 community members only but still claims to represent the “largest Muslim organisation” saying last Monday after PR conference to shake hands and kiss each other “the problem is that the community members do not listen to the true leaders. They listen to Sheikh Google and Imam Facebook”.…