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حقيقة الغربيين "اصدقاء سوريا": هل يفيد الحج والناس راجعه؟

دعوني اذكر بداية ان الازمة السورية ابتدأت في منتصف شهر اذار/مارس 2011. نعم في بداية عام 2011. وتذكروا هذا التاريخ جيدا بعد ان ابدأ بسرد حقيقة المشبوهين الغربيين الذين ظهروا في نهاية عام 2015. وخلال عامين اعلنوا انهم انقذوا سوريا من الهزيمة والتقسيم.

كما يجب ان اذكر ايضا ان المؤامرة على سوريا كانت تعتمد بالدرجة الاولى على نظرية "البلتزكريج", اي مفاجئة الخصم (الدولة السورية) بهجوم ساحق على عدة مستويات تؤدي الى شلل مؤسسات الدولة وانهيارها السريع. تماما كما حدث في تونس ومصر في بداية ما سمي بالربيع العربي. وبالتالي فان الدولة السورية كانت محتاجة للتضامن والمساعدة في الاشهر والسنوات الاولى للازمة.

ان الحرب الاعلامية كانت على اشدها منذ ما قبل اندلاع الازمة وكان المطلوب من اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين التحرك بسرعه لفضح المؤامرة في بداية عام 2011. لذلك وعندما قام الناشطون من اصدقاء سوريا الحقيقيين بتنظيم حملات الدفاع عن سوريا, تعرضوا الى ما تعرضوا له من اعتداءات وتهديدات.

هذه المقدمة كانت مهمه لتسليط الضوء على حقيقة ان سوريا واجهت اكثر الاوقات صعوبة في العامين الاولين للازمة. فالمتامرون…


On 25 June 2013, I attended an event at the Syrian Orthodox Church in Lidcomble, in honour of the visit of Mother Agnes to Australia. During the event and light dinner, I was approached by Hanadi Assoud, a Syrian activist in Sydney. She whispered to me that the "Syrian Consul" wants to meet me.

I answered in shock "do you have a Consul in Australia?"

"Yes we have an Honorary Consul"

She introduced me to Maher Dabbagh, the Syrian Honorary Consul in Australia, appointed after the closure of Syrian embassy in Canberra.

I asked him why he wanted to meet me.

"Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs asked me about you and wanted me to contact you".

We exchanged details, contact numbers and vowed to work together in future. I did not know much about him. Even my contacts in Syrian community could not give me any clear answers.

After one week, I contacted Maher by phone. I told him that we have an idea of sending an Australian delegation to Syria for &qu…

How to become political analyst and journalist in one week?

The serious mishap happened at one of the respected satellite channels few weeks ago of presenting a 19 years old school leaver as “political analyst and researcher”, exposes clearly many serious issues we face in this social media era.

The school leaver who did not finish his year 10 schooling and working currently as laborer in Sydney, had no single published article on any subject that could interest any reader. He also did not have any experience working in any media organisation, even as cleaner. He also had never worked in any research institute or organisation. All he achieved was to film himself with his IPhone talking about Israeli crimes in Gaza. Then he published these childish clips on his Facebook account. This exercise made him “researcher and political analysts” and landed him many interviews with the same respected satellite TV station.

So, what does it takes you to become “journalist”, “researcher”, “expert” and “political analyst”?

All what you need to do is to go to…