Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump's win: exactly as I predicted a month ago...

Despite the media’s overwhelming propaganda in favour of Clinton, I am proud to say that I was almost the only commentator to predict Trump would do better than Clinton. It seems according to early results, Trump is the favourite to win the presidential race.

Unlike all the fabrications and media lies that were fed to the public on how Clinton was going to win comfortably, I insisted this was not the case.
The Americans are fed up with Clinton and her clans’ bloody adventures in waging wars and supporting terrorist organisations and their backers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We seriously believe that Trump as president will work very hard to extinguish the fires lit up by Obama-Clinton around the world: from the Middle East to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The cold war with Russia could be eased under Trump.

Unlike media lies, Trump’s win is very good news for millions of Arabs and Muslims around the world, including USA. The Trump rhetoric will see more needed crack down on Wahhabi extremists inside US and around the world.

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