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Trump’s win: lessons on how to defy media and lobby groups

Just one day before the US presidential election, the Channel 7 journalist in USA was vending clear lies about the presidential race. The journalist declared that “all minorities had abandoned Trump” referring to the last minute rally attended by Trump. Funny thing when stating this, you could clearly see that the crowd in the background were more women than men. There were more Latinos and other coloured people than white. There were also a lot of Muslims.

I was sure that Trump would win. The media frenzy was a clear indication that faceless forces were on their way to be defeated. This is why the lying had intensified in the last few days. The last opinion poll, for example, indicated that Clinton’s chance of winning had mounted to nearly 90%.

I suddenly remembered how Tripoli (Libya) fell. It succumbed under the rubble of media lies and deceptions. Qatari based Al Jazeera broadcasted everywhere that Tripoli had fallen to “opposition” 24 hours before any NATO soldier set foot in th…