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Australian Muslim Party: a dangerous step to silence moderate Muslims

Suddenly and without any warnings or consultations, sections of the Muslim community have officially announced they will establish a political party to represent Muslims in this country.

This group made up of both conservative and extreme elements have set out to silence any moderate progressive voice within the community by hijacking the name “Muslim”.

In the last decade, these extremist elements have been deceiving the Australian public, the politicians and the media thanks to continuous flowing of funds from Saudi Arabia.
What all this funding has achieved is a growing number of radicalised Muslims never seen before in this country.

Saudi money has enabled them to build major religious centres, radio station, newspapers and YouTube base TV stations. All these information sources have served and continue to serve as major vehicles to brainwash and radicalise.

This group has gained a lot of influence in the media and in politics. Surprisingly since the beginning of the Syrian cris…

Paris mass-shootings: Did Australian authorities get the message..?!!!

The mass shootings in Paris, including several suicide bombings, are the last wake-up call for our politicians, authorities and media. If they wish to avoid similar mass shootings on Australian soil, they should start changing their policies, attitude and planning.

So far, our authorities have no plan on how to prevent similar attacks. We believe that it is just a matter of luck and geographical isolation that saved Australia from similar devastating and carnage. The authorities so far have demonstrated a lack of sensitivity and understanding and have not yet come up with a workable plan to de-radicalise our youth.

After returning from the Middle East recently, I felt the difference between Australia and the countries I visited.

Australian authorities, politicians and media are still in the mind frame that de-radicalisation will happen just by using rhetoric. The government thinks that talks about radicalisation and the need for harmony in the society is enough to prevent radicals f…

Australian authorities target opponents for political reasons

As the president and founder of Social Justice Network, the official organizer of the International Tours of Peace to Syria, I would like to express my deep disappointment in the way the authorities mistreated participants of the tour.

All of us at Social Justice Network cannot find any logical explanation for the interception and intense investigation I was subjected on my way to Syria and back.

I am a well known anti-extremism activist and community leader. I have received countless (and still do) death threats. I have been physically attacked and verbally abused by extremists. Despite this I was held by Australian Border Force for hours at Melbourne and Sydney airports.

Until now I don’t know why I was investigated. I am a well known anti-extremist activist. I have already visited Syria twice before. I had declared months in advance about my intention to visit Syria in October. I even went to the extent to communicate to the antiterrorism agencies about my movements. The ABF invest…

Only in Australia: when authorities suspected I am ISIS member

For more than one year, we were announcing that we intend to start sending “Tours of peace” to Syria. We did not hide any fact. We were very open about our plans. And we published all available and needed information, except the dates of the first tour, for security reasons.

And despite the fact that I am well-known anti-extremist activist, who appeared on many media outlets for the last 4 years criticizing the so-called Syrian revolution and its supporters.

All this did not save me from being intercepted by Australian Border Force at Melbourne airport on 26 October.

An agent of ABF looked at me, asked me (among hundreds of travelers) for my passport. And checked the departure declaration. I fit the criteria for “ISIS supporter”: Middle Eastern appearance, Arabic name and travelling to Beirut.

The agent was very serious and bit angry. Then asked me to follow him to interrogation room.

“Where are you travelling to?”
“and then?
“To Syria”.

That was enough to shock him. How…

How celebrating extremists’ “achievements” could help de-radicalisation?!!

While the security agencies are struggling to contain the wave of radicals’ attacks and foiling potential terrorist actions, the performance of our politicians and journalists are not helping in any of these efforts. On the contrary. Our politicians, who are busy calculating measures to win in the next election, are sending the wrong message in all directions. The media also has different agendas altogether.

Following the latest terrorist attack on Parramatta police headquarter, which left one innocent man dead, the media reporting has been appalling.

All our media was busy reporting the incident as if it was a normal crime in the suburbs. No consideration was given to investigate deeply the seriously concerning aspects of this horrendous crimes.

Our media did not investigate seriously:
- How many Farhad Jabar do we have in our schools?
- The extent of extremism in our school and the negative effect on other students (especially the students who are the natural target of Wahhabi ext…

Letter to ABC: inviting extremists on your program will not help de-radicalisation efforts

Last time, you invited convicted terrorist to confront whole Australia with his deep radical views and allowed him to attack government's actions on extremism/potential terrorism. Your program has apologized to Australians on this gross mistake.

But tomorrow you will repeat the same mistake, or worse. On extremism, you have invited an extremist sheikh. For the last 4 years, you never presented Australians with real anti-extremist Muslim active member or leader. Though we have deep reservation on classification of "leadership", but according to current ad hoc classification, you failed miserably.

For 4 years since radicalization started to be very evident dangerous part of Australians lives since the shooting of Ali Ibrahim and the subsequent violent attacks, we note that you never invited secular sunnis who stood against Syrian 'revolution'. You also never invited Shia community leaders to represent Muslim communities on their views on the issues. You never came…

Request for urgent meeting with our PM on radicalisation and extremism

Dear Hon Malcolm Turnbull, PM of Australia

On behalf of a growing number of concerned Australian Muslims, I have decided to write and reach you so you can hear a different voice from the Muslim community. The Australian Muslims (including myself) have had enough.

For the last few years, your predecessors were listening only to certain sections of the Muslim community. In the last 5 years the only loud and dominant voices were from the extreme and conservative section of the community. Further, it seemed that the only debates and discussions about radicalisation were made with the very people who were actually involved in supporting extremism.

Following the terrorist attack last week on Parramatta Police headquarter, we were deeply disappointed that you had sought advice from the same extreme and conservative Muslim voices. We are not aware that you have included in the phone hook-up any real anti-extremism leader. In this, you continue to send the wrong message in all directions.


Will Parramatta terrorist attack be the last wake-up call for our authorities?

After the last December’s terrorist attack, I warned that authorities’ lack of detailed and comprehensive plan to tackle radicalisation will lead to other terrorist activities. Last night’s terrorist attack is just the tip of the iceberg and if the authorities don’t wake up this time we could be heading to bigger attacks in the near future.

In the last year, we heard a lot of noise, but saw no action. Authorities made a few arrests; many of the arrested walked free thanks to the leniency of magistrates who perhaps feared of being accused of Islamophobia. Or perhaps were under the misconception that the authorities made up stories about imaginary radicalisation. Whatever the reason for this leniency, the results are quiet clear with this last attack.

The tragic terrorist attack occurred last night, should finally induce our authorities into seriously implementing an aggressive and comprehensive de-radicalisation plan..

After the terrorist attack last night, we need to ask authorities…

جمهور المقاومة والممانعة: ما هكذا تورد الابل...!!!

لم تجف دموع الامهات الثكالى, امهات شهداء المقاومة الاسلامية اللبنانية وشهداء الجيش العربي السوري بعد.

لم تلتئم جراحات وعذابات الجرحى والمقعدين واهالي المخطوفين والمغيبين في سجون الاحتلال او معتقلات الجماعات التكفيرية والارهابية بعد.

ولم تنس الجاليات الوطنية المعارضة لمؤامرة الربيع العربي الكم الهائل من الشتائم, والكثير منها طائفي محض, والاعتداءات على ابنائها بعد.

لنفاجئ بفضيحة مدوية لا ندري ان كانت ناتجه عن حسن نية او جهل بالحقائق او استهتار بالشعور العام لكل جمهور الشرعية في سوريا وداعميها الاقليميين والدوليين.

صورة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ادخلت الغصة الى قلبي وقلب كل شريف حمل او ما زال يحمل روحه على كفه مصارعا مؤامرة كونية حشد لها الغالي والنفيس.

الصورة برغم سوداويتها الا انها كانت واضحه:
جمهور جله من داعمي المقاومة وداعمي الشرعية في سوريا يستقبلون بالتصفيق احد اهم الشخصيات المعادية للمقاومة والمعادية للشرعية في سوريا ورئيسها المقاوم.
جمهور دعى من شتم الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد ووالده وعائلته باقذع الشتائم خلال السنوات الاربع الماضية, ليحاضر فيهم عن التطرف والمواطنة الحسنه.

Comments on the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis

Following the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis, we would like to mention:
- Australia has committed itself to a very dangerous mission. The Australian participation in bombing of targets inside Syria could be very dangerous manoeuvre for Australia and the region. The region is already a jungle of foreign armies ready to attack each other. We are aware that thousands of Chinese, Russian and Iranian military enforcement has arrived in Syria and in the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast. Any mistake on Australians’ side of bombing of Syrian military or their allies could inflame the whole region. Australian jets could be met with hostile retaliation from both sides. We all remember the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive when his jet was shot down by terrorists.
- The only guarantee that this could be avoided is by acknowledging the only legitimate force on the ground, the Syrian army, the only force fighting terrorists. Without coordination with the Syrian…

Media bias on Syria: Jamal Rifi’s case as a clear example

I was one of the people who thought that the recent change in rhetoric by authorities and media on the Syrian crisis, would bring a whole new breakthrough with the dealing of this crisis.

From the beginning of 2011 until late 2014, the authorities and media insisted that what was happening in Syria was a revolution. They also insisted the revolution was a peaceful one. The high death toll, which reached more than 200,000 was due to the Syrian army killing the peaceful protestors.

In mid 2014, we started to hear a bit about “terrorism” in Syria. We also started to hear about Australian terrorists taking part in the conflict. We also suddenly discovered that the Australians who died there were in fact terrorists, and not aid workers. But the coverage of such episodes are still today shallow and naive.

The media until now did not go deep to investigate the reality of what happened in Syria. Though admitting that we have the highest radicalisation in modern Australian history, they stil…

The reality behind sudden Syrian refugees crisis to Europe

After more than 4.5 years of Syrian crisis, sudden sharp surge of Syrian asylum seekers to Europe should raise many questions that need urgent answers.

During the years of the crisis, which at many point witnessed very intense fighting, threats to Damascus which was totally surrounded by terrorists, critical shortage of basic vital materials and repeated attacks on gas supplies that plunged major cities in total darkness for weeks, the asylum seeking to Europe was minimal. Millions of refugees sought temporary asylum in neighbouring countries (mainly Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan). But never went further into Europe.

So why did the numbers of those who are seeking asylum in Europe witness skyrocketing increase in the last few days?

The other question that needs urgent answer is: what is the reason behind the sudden change of heart by conservative (and racist) leaders like Merkel, who vow to accept millions of Syrian refugees in the next few months?

We all remember the chaotic scenes of …

Pick-and-choose in fighting violence: the hidden agenda?

We should be very proud of our security agencies: they successfully traced twitter account holder who threatened community activist and charged the accuser ( But this quick and effective action may face some questioning: why our authorities were slow and ineffective in tracing thousands of extremists’ threats and subsequently ineffective in arresting any perpetrator for the last 5 years.

I, as an example, was receiving since mid 2012 steady flow of hate messages, including abuses, threat to kill me and hurt my kids. To date, no one message was successfully traced and no one was subsequently arrested. Even when I was physically attacked at least 3 times, I provided pictures, videos, car plate-numbers and phone numbers of perpetrators, no one was arrested. Of course except the high-profile attack I coped in front of Chanel 7 cameras May 2013. But even though the whole incident was filmed …

the significance of the deal between Iran and 5+1...

Some people (especially those supporting Axis of Resistance) wrongly understand the significance of the deal between Iran and 5+1...

The deal does not make Iran nuclear power.... Iran has nuclear power for peaceful use for the last few decades. So the deal will not make any change...

The significance of the deal:
- It lifts sanctions on Iran, hence strengthening the Iranian economy and its influence on international economy.
- US admits of its foreign policy failure and hence its hegemony as only super power comes to and end.
- The deal was not able without the efforts and sacrifices of Iranians and their allies in Syria and Russia. The allies efforts that aborted the New Middle East plan, should expect that US and its allies will help seriously and genuinely to restore global stability by ending the terrorism launched by US policy.

The significance of the deal as described by both Putin of Russian and Assad of Syria is that US has agreed that new world order has emerged. an orde…

AFP Eid Iftar embarrassment: why authorities insist to deal with extremists..!!!

We have no other choice but to continue laughing at authorities insisting to embarrass themselves when it comes to dealing with Muslim communities. The authorities are insisting to extend the hands of cooperation with the wrong people in Muslim communities, for the last decade. These wrong decisions that resulted in the current high level of radicalisation, resulted in reaching high level of terror alert.

Authorities insisted for the last decade in dealing with Muslim communities to consult and cooperate with loud extremists claiming to represent our diverse communities. The latest round of consultation about anti-terrorism measures last year which saw major boycott by self-appointed leaders (mainly extreme elements) was not enough for our authorities to understand the real situation in the communities.

Today’s announcement of AFP cancelling its Eid Iftar because some invited “leaders” vowed to boycott the Iftar is latest funny embarrassment for our authorities.

When authorities s…

Open letter to Luke Foley: Do not be fooled by Muslim extremists...!!!

Dear Hon Luke Foley, leader of NSW Labor party and member for Auburn

I decided to write you this letter because I thought that enough is enough of your party influenced by organisations that falsely claim to have monopoly on Muslim votes in this area and in the state in general. This lie that had lead both your party and other parties to give this organisations undeserved weight and consideration. But what is important for us is the deadly impact of such consideration for organisations that have no significant base and no fans among Muslims of this state.

I will be very detailed in my arguments, and will match all this with facts and numbers.

The Lebanese Moslem Association (LMA) and its allies of mainly extremist organisations played very dirty game in 2011 election to convince you and your opponents that it is very influential organisation and it controls the votes of more than 200,000 voters in the state.

In 2011 election it was very clear that voters of NSW had enough from Labor …

ISIS in our suburbs: This is why I am so concerned...!!!

Despite the fact that the police choppers are hovering over our heads in Western Sydney suburbs on daily basis for the last few months. And despite the “big mouth” politics exercised by our government and authorities about the “new approach and new actions” to curb radicalisation in the society. And despite the billions of dollars spent on or allocated to measures to fight against extremism and potential terrorist activities.

Despite all these, I had information during the last week about three community members in our neighbourhood disappeared from community, most likely travelled to fight in Syria (or Iraq). And I have information about more people disappeared from other suburbs, most likely we will hear about them killed in Syria, soon.

Not only this.

I have information that extremists had successfully infiltrated some of our security agencies, including police force.

And in previous article I explained how extremists had infiltrated our political system, which developed closed …

The risks of “Big mouths” democracy

Politicians and political analysts in Australia like to call Australian democracy (and Western democracy in general) as “participatory democracy”. The term wants to say that “if you participate in the processes, your voice will be heard. If you do not participate, you will be ignored”.

I will not try to discuss how deceptive this term is, as the democracy in real term should mean to listen and represent every citizen not only the ones who have certain capabilities and expertise. The term “participatory democracy” would indeed refute any claim of politicians to represent constituents, if they listen only to “active members” of the society.

So in reality, our democracy is democracy for “big mouths”. So if you keep whinging and making big lies loudly and publicly, they will listen to you. Even if you represent no one. And to silence you and win you to their side, they will give you some bribes in form of “grants and community funding”.

All this comes with big risks. Mostly opportunist…

The deadly consequenes of leniency with child accused of terrorism

We are deeply worried about the signs of leniency shown by our legal system in dealing with dangerous terrorist only because he is less than 18 years old. This leniency could have dangerous consequences:
1- It will undermine the efforts of our security agencies in foiling dangerous attempts to conduct terrorist activities.
2- It could soften public opinion about the seriousness of his crimes.
3- It will overlook the needed action on investigation and taking actions against the responsible organizations for brainwashing and recruiting children to carry on such horrendous crimes.
4- It overlooks the responsibility of the child family on his radicalisation to the point of allegedly planning to conduct terrorist activity using bombs.
5- The most important deadly consequence is the fact that any leniency in dealing with this alleged terrorist because of his age could lead to wave of imminent terrorist activities carried on by children, even younger than 17.

It is well documented that the…

On local extremism: I was right form the beggining

The news about Australian doctor joining terrorist organisations in Syria is another evidence of our authorities’ failure to stop radicalisation in our society. While we do not know the time this doctor left Australia, the fact that he was brainwashed from womaniser and alcohol drinker to hardline terrorist should raise many questions.

Where were our authorities from the intense brainwashing and recruitment efforts of organisations and individuals? Why authorities had ignored many warnings from different community leaders and organisations, including myself, for long time about the intense campaigns to radicalise and recruit our youths?

The major question here is: what is the holistic plan that our authorities had adopted to stop further radicalisation of our youth?

We are sorry to come to realisation that authorities are busy dealing with symptoms, rather than dealing with the source of these symptoms. The authorities proved to be either lucky or successful in stopping and foiling …

The faction war that cost Christine Milne her job

Without any warning, Bob Brown announced at the begging of April 2012 his resignation as Greens leader. In very similar way and without any warning, Christine Milne tendered her resignation as Greens leader. In addition to the total secrecy and lack of any warning, both leaders resigned months before Federal election.

Then the Greens officials want you to think that this is normal procedure within normal mainstream political party.

What the Greens officials are keen to hide from everyone, including the party ordinary members, is the factional war that was brewing for the last 2 decades inside the party.

Before exploring the reality of what happened today, I need to dissect the reality of power balance inside the Greens party.

The Greens party was established more than 40 years ago by socially conservative environmentalists who cared principally about the attack on our ecological system. The first generation of Greens activists and later on politicians were pure environmentalists wh…