Thursday, October 12, 2006

Douglas Wood cowboy-like press conference

Originally posted on 21 June 2005

It was deeply disappointing to see an Australian citizen act in arrogant irresponsible cowboy-like way. Watching Douglas Wood's press conference let me feel deeply ashamed as Australian.

Douglas Wood was outraged of his kidnapping(and I can understand this), but he was not outraged or ashamed of kidnapping of 25 million Iraqis, killing of hundreds of thousands of them, humiliation of hundred of thousands of Iraqis and destroying the country of the first civilization on earth, as a direct result of the invasion that he supports.

Douglas Wood, who was in Iraq profiteering from the misery of millions of Iraqis, did not show any sign of humanity when he supported the invasion and then destruction of Iraq by the "Coalition of Willings". Douglas Wood would like to make more profit by sending more racist supremacist "cowboy" accusations and challenges on Channel Ten this Sunday.

Douglas Wood "Cowboy-like" remarks and promises to make "Rambo-like" return to Iraq was in deep contrast of his family members' pleads during his kidnapping, when they "traveled" several times to Lakemba to ask for help, then traveled to the Middle East and appeared on all TV channels and newspapers there pleading for help.

Douglas remarks are most unhelpful because it will definitely put the life of all "White Anglo" Australians under immediate risk, not only in Iraq, but in the whole Middle East. It provoked even the most moderate people there, who expected some restraints, respect and fairness from Douglas, who thinks that the life, freedom and human rights of "Westerners" are the most important while the life, dignity and well-being of Iraqis are irrelevant.

Not only me who should be ashamed of these remarks and attitude, but every descent Australian who read the Universal Human Rights Declaration and believes that human life and rights are sacred regardless of nationality, race, skin color, gender, religious affiliation ...

It seems that the attempt of Muslim community and Muslim leaders to reduce the division and fear among the society because of Howard's racist and barbaric policies was failed miserably and even got opposite effects.
Lastly I personally advice Douglas Wood to abandon his  "Rambo-like" dreams of returning to Iraq, as such move would mostly (taking into account the personality of Iraqis and the lawless situation there) result in another disaster for him, and this time I do not think that he will win any sympathy from anyone, in Australia or abroad.     

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