Monday, September 18, 2006

John Howard: go to hell with your values!

Did you all not notice the change in John Howard's rhetoric lately?

From purely xenophobic “we will decide who will come to this country” into Nazi rhetoric of “Australian vs unAustralian” and the need for migrants to embrace “Australian values”.

So what is wrong with Indian values? Why is Howard upset from Germans? Are the Nigerian values inferior to Australians?

Does John Howard mean that Australia is the only country that has “codes of ethics”?

Do I hear here Hitler's arguments of German superiority?

To the best of my knowledge, every culture on the earth is advocating for good behaviors against the evil of lying, stealing, deceiving, killing...etc. No difference between the Indian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Nigerian etc unless there are hobbit politicians who use lies and deceptions to achieve some political scoring.

Let me ask now what is the “Australian values”?

If playing cricket is Australian, should the government ban soccer?

If eating sausages is “Australian”, why is “Tabbouleh” still in our markets?

If having sex once mature is “Australian”, why are the “virgins” not rounded up and sent to the “cultural correction camps”?

If English is the test for good citizenship and good manner, why are the “English illiterate” still wandering in the streets and not in Silverwater jail ?

If drinking beer is “Australian”, why did the government included it in the GST, instead of giving it away with each immunization injection?

If “Australian” includes to be racist, why is Paul Keating not in jail?

Well, John Howard, go to hell you and your values especially if they include detaining kids, women and innocent people without any charges.

Go to hell with your values if they include abandoning drowning people in the middle of the ocean, to succeeding electorally on their bodies.

Go to hell with your values if they justify sending troops to wipe out nations, destroy countries and kill innocents.

Go to hell with them if they include depriving the working class of their rights to a fair share of wealth.

Go to hell if they include spreading racial and religious hate, leading to face-spitting on followers of certain religion/culture.

Go to hell with them if they include the requirement to strip me from my cultural, linguistic and religious/irreligious beliefs.

Go to hell with your “values” if they include spreading lies and deception of “illegal immigrants”, “queue jumpers”, “kids overboard”, and “Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction”.

John Howard, if to be Australian, I should do all these evil things, take my citizenship and deport me to Mars.

If we come as a nation to define what is “Australian values”, which should include to be truthful, tolerant, compassionate and hard-working, I am sure who will be deported.

So John Howard, go to hell with your values.

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