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My speech at the rally today on Syrian election

Thanks for inviting me to speak at this rally.

I am attending this rally for simple reasons. I will talk about these reasons shortly.

For the last three years, Western countries and many countries supporting the violence in Syria deafened our ears with all rhetoric about Syrians rights to choose their leadership. They supported all kind of violence, including cutting heads and eating hearts, in the name of “Syrians right to choose their leadership”. Yet when the golden opportunity for the Syrians to express their view on who they want to lead them during this critical time came, these countries opposed the presidential election.

Instead of encouraging Syrians to go to polling boxes to achieve political changes, these countries did all what they could to abort this constitutional entitlement. Not only Western countries and their allies opposed conducting presidential election, but they worked very hard to abort it or at least to disrupt it to claim later that it is invalid.

The inte…