Friday, September 28, 2018

Why New McCarthyism Will Not Succeed in Australia: Thank God for Facebook

A journalist who in the last decade worked with me on many stories and even reached a point where he would come, unannounced, knocking on my door seeking help, is not convinced I was targeted by authorities since 2012. Despite the fact that I provided him with evidence of how authorities conspired with a foreign power against me, how they did not protect my family from local extremists and are currently involved in destroying and sabotaging my professional career, he is still not convinced.

This demonstrates a clear example of all mainstream media working according to the same script and serving the same agenda. It explains why mainstream media never showed any interest in the violent activities of local extremist supporters of the Syrian “revolution”. Despite the fact that local extremists started to fundraise and recruit terrorists from local mosques in Australia from the end of 2010, the first story about these activities did not come to light until mid-2012. I will talk about this issue in detail in another article.

In this article, I will talk about the new wave of McCarthyism that this Liberal government has managed to stir up and why it will fail. Of course we cannot expect that the current McCarthyism will be as vicious as the previous one. We do not expect that the federal government will ban the Communist party, arrest/kidnap its members, torture and kill some of them. Current McCarthyism will be more subtle and less violent. And this can be attributed (at least partially) to the telecommunication revolution and the emergence of social media.

During the previous McCarthyism, activists and revolutionists who were targeted did not have the means to challenge the brainwashing of the masses who were told they, the activists and revolutionists, were a threat to National Security and Global Order. The media was controlled by the State or by major corporations. The masses were easily convinced and coaxed to hear one side of the story. The current situation is far different.

I can claim easily that we (as a group of colleagues) were able to achieve a lot using a combination of Facebook posts, community actions and access to mainstream media. The mainstream media did not want to be left alone and marginalised in the process. This is why mainstream media resisted all our calls for them to shed light on the extremist’s violent activities in Australia, until the news could no longer be hidden from the masses due to the combination of social media and community actions.

Mainstream media, working according to the script will pick and choose what suits them, unless active members of society manage to raise certain issues as “issues of public interest”. In the previous context, the mainstream media was the one that decided what issues became “issues of public interest”. Now, many active community groups have succeeded in surging ahead of the mainstream media, forcing it to follow suit.

Facebook plays a role in all of this. It is now commonplace to watch news on the mainstream media that was first aired or trending on Facebook or YouTube. Mainstream media knows very well that it marginalises itself if it continues to stick to the script it runs and keeps up its original format.

Incidentally, I am not saying that Facebook or YouTube was created by “revolutionary” elements in society in order to break the monopoly on public opinion. On the contrary, I deeply believe that Facebook was created to serve the Empire even further, after the masses started to give up on mainstream media. But, due to the nature of social media, it is a tool they quickly lost control of.

I need also to emphasise that the process here to affect public opinion is not simple. People cannot expect that by starting a Facebook account or page they will become prominent in their society or influence the public discourse per se. The process is more complex than this. However, compared to pre-social media times, it is much easier and more efficient these days in the social media era.

These changes have been quite evident in the current political developments. Before the social media era, Australia had maintained the grip on power by its main political parties. Since Federation and until the beginning of this millennium, more than 90% of Australians voted for either one of the two main parties. Currently the two parties combined do not get more than 65% of the votes. It has become increasingly difficult to continue deceiving people to the same previous extent.

My journalist friend can deny I was targeted because of my political views. I am ready to hear his explanation on why Australian authorities needed to conspire with a foreign power against me to the point of putting my life in danger. I am also open to hear his explanation as to why the authorities did not arrest until now a single extremist, despite my repeated reporting of dozens of physical and verbal attacks on me and my kids. I am more than happy also to discuss with him why our organisation could not secure a single dollar in funding to help local communities and to help fight against radicalisation, when other well-known extreme organisations secured millions of dollars in public funding to stir hate and extremism in our society.

But what I am sure of here is that our continued campaign will prove him wrong and will expose the new McCarthyism this government has initiated in targeting its opponents.

Thank God for Facebook.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

New McCarthyism in Australia: Solving the Mystery of my Ban From Entering Lebanon!

On November 2015, I was banned from entering Lebanon.

After consulting many legal experts, here in Australia and in Lebanon, I got the same answer: the ban was demanded by Australian authorities. Despite the fact that I have a clean police check in both countries, I discovered that our authorities conspired with foreign authorities to get me banned from entering Lebanon.

Police check from Lebanese authorities

I can make the claim here that I am the only Australian that has had Australian authorities conspiring against him to get him banned from entering another country. On other occasions, Australian authorities have helped citizens with their problems with foreign authorities.

One of the lawyers I consulted advised me to apply for freedom of information to solve the puzzle. I did that.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) sent me a file of many pages. On these pages there was no information as all was redacted. The reason for this? - releasing information will undermine National Security and will affect Australian relations with a foreign power.

Good to know that you are so dangerous so as to potentially affect national security!

So I contacted the office of the PM and spoke to the staffer there: “Hello I want to report a dangerous man in Sydney streets”.

The staffer got excited. She thought that she could get promotion for such discovery. “Who is that?” and I could hear her on the other side of the line starting to write.

His name is Jamal Daoud”.

So you are reporting yourself?”

That is correct. I received a letter from AFP that I am a threat to National Security. So why am I still at large?”

She did not know what to say except for “give me a sec”. I guessed that she went and spoke to someone more senior.

Sorry sir, we have no adverse information against you. You must have been mistaken”.

I can send you the decision of AFP to decline releasing my file because it will undermine National Security”.

Sorry, we cannot help you. You can contact AFP”.
I did contact AFP. However, until now, I cannot get any answer. I consulted more than four solicitors to initiate a legal case against AFP. They advised me that we have no chance to win. One solicitor asked me to consult Legal Aid. I did. The Legal Aid solicitor was shocked. He asked me to provide a statement and all information. After I did, he told me that he will handle the case, as it is a very clear case of gross abuse of my human rights. I waited for weeks for the Legal Aid solicitor to start the legal case against AFP.

The Legal aid solicitor got back to me and told me that his mangers asked him to abandon the case. He told me that he was told that authorities are threatening to penalise Legal Aid if the case is initiated. The managers cannot jeopardize the funding of their organisation by taking on this case.

The former member of the terrorist organisation, Ananda Marga, the Zionist moron Tim Anderson has a theory here. He claims that I was banned from entering Lebanon under the request from Syrian authorities.

But hey moron: I entered Syria several times following the ban. So work this out, according to this moron’s logic, Syrian authorities asked Lebanon not to allow me into Lebanon en-route to Syria, but I could fly directly from Kuwait to Damascus? That does not make sense.

His fellow member of the spying cell, Dave Carew, has another theory. Dave claims that Hezbullah asked for the ban. But the ban came directly from the office of the Minister for Justice, General Ashraf Rifi to be precise. Dave wants to convince us that Ashraf Rifi is indeed a Hezbullah General. Good to know that this so-called Hezbullah General according to Carew, demands Hezbullah surrender its weapons. Carew’s “Hezbullah” General Rifi also repeatedly demands sending the party's officials to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

On the other hand, Tim and his dumb follower Carew, did not take into account that the AFP admitted it was behind the ban in the official documents handed over to me.

We can conclude here that Australian authorities coordinated with a former member of terrorist organisation and with the then Lebanese Minister for Justice (Rifi) to ban me from entering Lebanon. Why? Australian authorities did not hide their opposition to my activities to help Syria. That includes my repeated visits where I distributed aid and as part of solidarity tourist missions.

Let me mention one last point here that will shock you. In the same year that the AFP contacted and coordinated with a foreign power to abort my visits to Syria, the AFP Commissioner was publicly farewelling another publicly “pro-Assad” group. In 2015, and few months before the AFP contacted Lebanese authorities to ban me, the AFP Commissioner invited members of another group heading to Syria, the group that includes a former member of a terrorist organisation, to wish them well and for success. Strange isn’t it?

So can we deduce that there are good and bad “pro-Assad” activists? And how do the authorities decide on this matter?
McCarthyism has begun in Australia under this federal government. Our responsibility is to help end the rule of this government and to end the targeting of citizens because of their political views. And, we will be totally committed to helping achieve this.

Next article about McCarthyism in the Department of Immigration - Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority... 

موظف الاخبارية السورية مضر ابراهيم يسرب معلومات للصحافة الاسرائيلية والسعودية ويتهم الاخرين بالخيانة

لم اكن في وارد الرد على هذه الشخصية النكرة والتي لا مكان لها من الاعراب لولا ان المدعو مضر ابراهيم قد تجاوز كل الحدود وخلال العامين الماضيين في شتم كل اصدقاء سوريا واحبتها واتهامهم بكل انواع التهم

مضر ابراهيم, موظف الاخبارية السورية في قسم لا اهمية له والذي ظهر فجأة وفي ربع الساعة الاخيرة من الازمة يحاول جاهدا اكمال ما بدأه رفاقه الجواسيس الغربيين من محاولة تدمير شبكات الدفاع عن سورية وبكل الوسائل المتاحة. ولذلك كان لا بد من هذا التعليق السريع

فمضر ابراهيم, وهو حقا نكرة لا وجود له على المشهد الاعلامي السوري او الدولي, تطاول على قامات مهمة وشتمها محاولا اعطاء نفسه بعض الاهمية. فبعد ان شتم صحفي جريدة الاخبار اللبنانية, عاد وشتم صحفيي قناة الميادين وبدون اي اسباب مهمة. ثم شتم صحفيين مستقلين ساعدوا في بلورة الوعي الاقليمي والدولي عن مؤامرة الربيع العربي انا من ضمنهم, مصورا اننا جميعا خونة اعداء لسورية وحلفائها. كل ذلك للتغطية على حقيقة عمله ضمن خلية الجواسيس الاسرائيلية التي جندته ومنذ بداية الازمة للقيام بهذه المهمة بالتحديد 

هذا التجنيد الذي جاء من غرفة نوم العاهرة الموسادية ايفا بارتليت والتي نشطت في زياراتها المتكررة الى سورية منذ عام 2014 الى ايقاع اكبر عدد ممكن من السوريين في سرير نومها ملتقطة لهم صور خادشة للحياء لابتزازهم لتسهيل عملها الاستخباراتي

ولدينا وثائق وتسجيلات عن نشاطات الجاسوسة ايفا الجنسية في الايقاع بضحاياها السوريين من على سرير نومها في فنادق الخمس نجوم التي تنزل فيها عادة في دمشق

بعد كل هذه الشتائم والاتهامات, يعود “الفلتة” مضر ابراهيم لاتهامي قبل يومين انني اشتم سورية وقيادتها ومسؤوليها من على صفحات فيسبوك غير معروفة

وفي هذا المقام اقول لهذا النكرة “فلتة زمانه” انني لو كنت في وارد تغيير قناعاتي عن سورية وانني اريد شتم سورية وقيادتها فانني لن الجأ الى صفحات فيسبوك لا يرتادها الا المئات, في احسن تقدير

فالنكرة مضر ومشغليه في تل ابيب يعرفون تماما انني سياسي واعلامي محترم في اكثر من دولة تمكنت خلال العقدين الماضيين من التعبير عن رايي بوضوح ومنه ارائي الداعمة لسورية وعلى وسائل اعلام غربية مهمة يشاهدها او يسمعها او يقرؤها الملايين. واؤكد لهذا النكرة انه وفي حال غيرت قناعاتي عما يحدث في سورية فانني منطقيا ساختار ان اعلن عن تغيير هذه القناعات من على وسائل اعلام مهمة. واؤكد لهذا النكرة بان وسائل الاعلام الغربية المهمة ستتلقف كل ما اقول وستسارع الى نشرها وتبنيها مباشرة على اكثر من تلفزيون مهم او صحيفة ضخمة عن اسباب هذا التغير في قناعات سياسي واعلامي مهم في استراليا داب لسنوات الدفاع عن سورية وقيادتها وواجه في سبيل ذلك اعتداءات جسدية وتهديدات بالقتل لاكثر من 5 سنوات. فلماذا الجأ الى نشر شتائم ضد سورية على صفحات فيسبوك غير معروفة؟

وعلى المقلب الاخر يحق لنا جميعا ان نتسائل كيف يمكن لفاقد الشيء ان يعطيه في قضية هذا النكرة؟ فمضر ابراهيم والذي يوجه لي اتهامات بسب سورية وقيادتها كان قد شتم سورية وسبب لها الاحراج الشديد في اكثر من مرة. بل وصلت به الوقاحة ان يتصل بالصحافة الاسرائيلية والسعودية اكثر من مرة وزودها بمعلومات تحقر من قيادة سورية وجيشها وقواها الامنية. فمضر ابراهيم الموظف الرسمي في الاخبارية السورية سرب للصحافة الاسرائيلية والسعودية معلومات من داخل المؤسسة الاعلامية السورية عن فشل الاجهزة الامنية السورية في اعتراض صحفي اسرائيلي من دخول سورية. ثم قاد النكرة الجاسوس مضر ابراهيم حملة شعواء للتاكيد على فضح تقصير الاجهزة الامنية في حملة صورت الامن السوري بانه اما عاجز عن حماية حدود سورية من دخول المواطنين الاسرائيليين او ان هذه الاجهزة مخترقة من عملاء الموساد الذين سهلوا دخول الصحفي الاسرائيلي

المثير للشفقة والغضب في ان واحد في هذا الموضوع بان النكرة مضر ابراهيم يفخر بهذه الفضائح وبشتمه لسورية وتحقير قدرة اجهزتها الامنية ويعتبرها انجازا يسجل له. فالجاسوس مضر ابراهيم يعتبر انه قام باكتشاف خطير وقام بحملة مهمة عندما قام بالتشهير بامن بلده وتصويره بالعاجز المخترق

الجاسوس مضر ابراهيم لا يستطيع ان ينكر انه اتصل بوسائل الاعلام الاسرائيلية والسعودية المعادية لسورية لسبب بسيط. فاسمه ظهر في اكثر من تقرير نشر بشان هذه الحادثة وما تمخض عنها من جدل على شاشة قناة العربية السعودية ومواقع اسرائيلية متعددة. والا فكيف تذكر وسائل الاعلام السعودية والاسرائيلية مضر ابراهيم كمصدر لمعلوماتها, بالرغم من ان امر دخول الصحفي الاسرائيلي الى سورية كشفه الصحفي السوري اكرم عمران. فلماذا لم تذكر وسائل الاعلام السعودية والاسرائيلية اسم اكرم عمران كمصدر للمعلومات والتعليقات على الموضوع واستعاضوا عنه باسم مضر ابراهيم؟

الجاسوس الاسرائيلي مضر ابراهيم والذي تم تجنيده في ليلة حمراء على يد عاهرة معروفة, يتمتع بقدر هائل من الغباء والدونية الى درجة انه يفتخر ان صحفيين معروفين وموالين لسورية ومحور المقاومة قد وصفوه بعميل اسرائيل في سورية

 وهنا نسال هذا الجاسوس الوضيع لماذا اجمع جمال داود وخضر عواركة وصدام حسين (صحفي الاخبار اللبنانية وليس الرئيس الاسبق) وصحفيي الميادين بانه جاسوس اسرائيلي بالتحديد؟. يعني لو اتهمه احدهم فقط فاننا قد نستطيع ان نقول انه يتجنى عليه او ان هناك غيرة من نشاطاته المميزة وشهرته الواسعه. اما ان يتفق عدة اشخاص مشهورين ومعروفين وتاريخهم واضح ونظيف انه عميل اسرائيلي, فان هذا يتطلب منه ومن مؤيديه العمل الكثير لتوضيح اسباب ذلك ومحاولة نفي التهمة

بالمناسبة فانني على علم تام بانه لا توجد علاقة بين رضا الباشا وعلي مرتضى وجمال داود وخضرعواركة والصحفي صدام حسين ليتفقوا على اتهام الوضيع مضر ابراهيم بالعمالة لاسرائيل. كما انه لا توجد لدي اي معلومات ان هناك مصلحة مشتركة عند هؤلاء لتحطيم شهرة هذا النكرة غير الموجودة اصلا

واذا اضفنا الى كل ذلك علاقات هذا الوضيع المشبوهة ودفاعه المستميت عن شتائم فانيسا بيلي بحق الرئيس السوري والاجهزة الامنية عندما اتهمت الرئيس باصدار اوامر لاجهزته الامنية بتعذيب ممنهج لكل معارض

 ودفاعه المستميت عن عضو تنظيم اناندا مارجا الارهابي الصهيوني تيم انديرسون وتاكيده لادعاءات فانيسا بيلي المهينة بحق الرئيس السوري والاجهزة الامنية

 فان الصورة تكتمل عن الدور الحقيقي لهذا الجاسوس الذي يشتم السوريين الوطنيين و اصدقاء سورية من اعلاميين وصحفيين قلبهم على سورية ومنذ بداية الازمة

وفي النهاية فاننا نقول لهذا الجاسوس انه ليس المطلوب من الصحفيين المؤيدين لسورية ان يبصموا وبالعشرة على كل الاخطاء التي ارتكبها بعض المسؤولين السوريين خلال وقبل الازمة. بل ان ذكر اخطاء كبيرة والتنبيه لها هو باهمية فضح المؤامرة وما قام به التكفيريين. والا فنكون “تيتي تيتي مثل ما رحتي جيتي” وكاننا لم نتعلم شيئا من دروس الازمة الطاحنة

وللقصة بقية

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Nassim Abdi Extreme Ideology : Authorities Need to Stop Funding ASWJ Fundamentalists

In reply to the explosive story today about the extremist preacher Nassim Abdi and, as a Sunni Muslim, I would like first to condemn the extremist preacher and his message. I would like to reiterate here that he is not the only extremist preacher with similar or more extreme messages vending their extreme ideology on daily basis in our suburbs.

But at the same time, we have a clear message here in that we need to seek explanations from our authorities as to their role in allowing and even facilitating this extreme preacher to promote his extremist ideas.

I should mention here that our authorities had refused to cooperate with us and many moderate leaders and active community members in fighting against such extreme ideology.

In this regard I should mention that we presented the NSW government in 2013 with a petition of hundreds of signatures of local Muslim residents in Auburn area to close down this centre (Al Bukhari bookstore), but it was knocked back under the slogan of “freedom of speech”.

Not only this, our authorities have been in support of such extreme groups for the last few years, since 2011.

On the PM's first Iftar, Malcolm Turnbull chose to invite mainly extremists, many of them leaders in the extreme organisation ASWJ. Myself and many of the moderate leaders and active members were not invited.

On many occasions, ASWJ representatives were the main guests in consultations about fighting against extremism, the very extremism they promote and preach. Myself and many moderate Sunni leaders who are experts on extremism and have a demonstrated track record of speaking against it were never invited.

As if that isn’t enough; State and Federal governments have generously funded extremist organisations, including ASWJ, with several grants and funds. While we have no accurate figure, we suspect that the extremist ASWJ organisation receives hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-payers funded grants. Ourselves and many other organisations led by moderate Muslims failed to secure even a $5000 grant to help us with our activities to promote harmony and to tackle radicalisation and extremism.

The media should start asking the right and tough questions. The media currently asks the naive question of “where did all this radicalisation come from?” Instead, it should start asking questions about evaluating publicly funded projects aimed to fight against extremism that are actually conducted by extremist organisations. The media should also start to ask why authorities prefer to deal with extremists, whilst ignoring moderate voices like mine.

Authorities not only ignore people like myself, but on many occasions harass me and even collude with foreign authorities trying to end my activities. The same has happened with other activists.

I wish to reiterate that these preachers do not speak for us as Muslims in this nation. We encourage the media and authorities to work with us to overcome the highly negative and sometime criminal messages these extremists promote.

Jamal Daoud
Social Justice Network
Mob. 0404 447 272

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