Saturday, October 01, 2016

Why the media blackout on our regular visits to Syria

The media circus covering the visit of ex Liberal MP Wyatt Roy to the Iraq frontline, constitutes a big hypocrisy in how the media operates in this country.

The visit, which achieved no goal, revealed no facts and had no clear agenda in helping Iraqis, generated wide media coverage for no obvious reason. The failed politician did not tell us any useful information during his controversial visit to the Kurdish fighters’ posts in Iraq. Until now, we are unaware of the reason behind the visit. It seems to have been more a stunt carried out by a politician wanting to come back in the political arena. No more no less.

So here we have a total media circus frenzy covering a non event, whilst ignoring and forcing a total blackout on our highly informative visit to Syria.

The media is not interested to hear from participants on the situation in the war-torn country and is not interested to hear the voices of ordinary Syrians victims of violence.

The media did not show any interest to hear from participants from more than 8 countries and their observations of what is really happening in Syria and the Middle East. But it was highly interested to cover the story of a dumb politician going to Iraq with absolutely no aim or interest.

The deliberate media blackout on our highly informative visit to Syria had only one agenda, keeping the truth from the Australian people and other people in Western countries.

Returning from Syria recently, I was shocked to watch our media coverage of what is happening in Syria. The media is reporting on something totally different. The truth is so far off that it’s like watching a Hollywood movie in a made up world.

A clear example of one of the big deceits perpetrated by our media, is the “safe passage” for civilians wishing to leave Eastern Aleppo suburbs. They chose to ignore the fact that the Syrian government and Russia have declared 5 safe passages more than 2 weeks ago for all civilians who wish to leave. It was the snipers of the terrorist group Jabhat Al Nusra who killed civilians trying to escape.

The media was quick in accusing the Syrian and Russian army for the killing of the civilians totally ignoring the fact that Eastern suburbs of Aleppo are under the control of terrorists from the Jabhat Al Nusra and most of the civilians there are terrorists and their families. The media did not mention the name of Jabhat Al Nusra once!

Our fact finding Syrian peace tours included peace activists and freelance journalists from many countries. Not one of our 3 tours we organised in the last 12 months was ever mentioned in the media.

We filmed testimonies of many ordinary Syrians expressing their support for their government and their president. Ordinary Syrians we interviewed, accused Western countries of financing, training and arming ISIS and Jabhat AL Nusra. Our media is clearly not interested in the truth.

By enforcing a total blackout on our visits to Syria our media continues to deceive the Australian people by hiding the truth of what is really happening in Syria and the Middle East. Such a deception campaign not only has aided terrorists but it has increased the levels of extremism in our society.

And they still ask: where did all this radicalisation come from..?!!!

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